Sneak Peak into Spring: Beat the Winter Blues with a Burst of COLOR!

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had enough of the dim and dreary days of this long cold winter. Many people feel kind of moody when it’s cold and gray outside. The lack of light in wintertime can result in lower levels of serotonin, the mood-enhancing chemical that regulates hunger and the feeling of well-being.  It’s not unusual to want to reach for sugary comfort foods this time of year, but why not sneak a peak at some yummy spring fashion trends instead?

I LOVE this color combo, the heavenly fur vest warms it up and tones it down.

Forever 21 Striped Maxi Dress $22.80, Forever 21 Navy and Magenta Stripe Dress, $24.99, Diane Von Furstenberg Dress $464.92

Model Karen Elson in Chanel Stripe Dress

Heidi Klum beats the winter blues in a super chic blue dress

Angelina sparkles in glamorous green

But, seriously…what can we do when fashion is just not enough to pull us out of that rut?? Here are some proven ways to boost your serotonim and get some COLOR back in your life:

3 Ways to Boost Your Serotonin

Subject yourself to bright indoor light.  A 300 watt bulb within three feet for 20 minutes can help.

Exercise. This is very hard to do when feeling down and sluggish, but if you can force yourself to do 15 to 20 minutes of dancing or fast walking, it can reduce a sweet tooth and improve your mood.

Eat wisely. Sweets and simple carbs like white rice and white bread quickly raise blood sugar, flood you with insulin, and then drop you in a hole.  Protein should be eaten three times a day. Another good rule is to eat four cups ofbrightly colored veggies a day. Try eliminating all white, starchy foods for two weeks — bread, rice, potatoes. You will be amazed at how good you feel!

And when all else fails, there’s always shopping for SHOES!

Hunter yellow boots $125, Sergio Rossi hot pink pumps $252, ZiGiny ballet flats (other colors avail) $32.97, Jessica Simpson wood heeled platform $49, Nine West light pink peep toe platform $99

Hope you have a fabulous and colorful day! Remember, spring is only a few weeks away.

Til next time…


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