Shades of White

All of the sudden Pesach is upon us. Getting your house sparkling is probably at the top of your list of priorities about now. This is the time for organizing closets, cleaning out playrooms, and basically decluttering your life. Sometimes a clean slate can be so refreshing and revitalizing, and this applies in fashion and decor too.

This is the way we DREAM our closets looked like

You can throw away the old rule of no white before Memorial Day. I have seen white so many times this winter and it’s all about shades and textures…mixing whites, beiges, golds and even a drop of black as an anchor. It’s clean, classy and an easy look to pull off:

Match a simple white blouse with a beige skirt and separate the two with a black belt for a modern, clean-lined look

Here’s my version of the look…I’ve sparked it up a bit ;)

Crystal Pendant Necklace $48, White Blouse $40, Black X Belt $8, Vivienne Westwood Beige Drape Skirt $290, Louboutin Gold Platform Shoe $1125 (sorry they were just too hard to resist!), Black and Stone cuff (unavailable but here is a link to another great one!)

While we are all dreaming about perfectly clean houses why not be inspired by this color pallete in home decor: the look is soothing and dreamy. No need to match all your whites but try to vary your textures.

Inspired? Set your table for Shabbos this week using this concept and you will create an ambience of restfulness and peace at your Shabbos Seuda:

Insert a container into a white ceramic fruit bowl, add oasis foam soaked in water and fill with white roses for a stunning centerpiece. Use crystal candlesticks for an additional glow.

Shop the look:

White Footed Salad Bowl $39, Jeweled Napkin Ring $24, Waterford Marquis Candlesticks $69, Lighting by Design Candle Holders $50

Oh, and remeber these tips when actually cleaning out your closets: 1. Anything you haven’t worn in 9 months…throw out! You will most likely never wear it again. 2. If you haven’t missed it, you will not miss it in the future. 3. Invest in matching hangers, they need not be expensive and it makes a huge difference in the way clothes hang and how organized your closet will look.

As organization is not my area of expertise I will leave it at that…a few small changes a day will make a huge difference in a the next few weeks, so no stressing! Have a soothing and restful Shabbos,



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For the last 10 years Sharon has been hard at work and deeply entrenched in the fashion and design industry. A devoted mother of 5, Sharon has worked as a designer and artist, doing everything from corporate & charity event planning, home interior design décor & consulting, to ultimately creating her much talked about frum- fashion design clothing label, purple by Sharon . Sharon has taken her passion for all things fashion to the internet and can be seen at http://www.fashion-isha.com/ and is the contributing fashion guru for www.kosherstreet.com Ask Sharon -ask.fashionisha@gmail.com

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