Last Minute Wardrobe Solution: Shopping Your Closet

Hi ladies, how are you holding up?  We are officially in the home-stretch, it’s erev Pesach, and everyone should be a little calmer and more joyous about the impending holiday.  Our houses are immaculate, fridge and cabinets stocked with yummy kosher for Passover food, and ovens emitting delicious aromas.  In the hustle and bustle of pre-pesach rushing around did you forget about yourselves? Are you wondering what you will wear when you finally sit down and relax at your perfectly prepared Seder?

Well, have no fear, you’ve worked hard and you deserve to look and feel your best. You can do this without spending a dime (or very close to that) and no running around to crowded stores. All you need is a little creativity and your own closet! So make yourself a cup of tea and give yourself an hour to go through what you already have to create some new and beautiful outfits for Yom Tov:

Most people already own their own foundation pieces needed to build a wardrobe. Many times I will take my perfect black pencil skirt, and a black kiki riki shirt(this brand works the best for me but there are many great brands for shells) and use that as a basis for a brand new look.

Pull out a colorful or embellished cardigan or jacket, find a cute belt, an interesting necklace and a coordinating pair of shoes. Mix these elements in a way you haven’t worn before and voila….you have a brand new look!

Here are some fashion concepts you may not have tried that I think are just great:

1. Black and beige are a classy color combo.  Take out all your beige, nude and black pieces and mix them in an interesting and chic way. Trust yourself when deciding what you think looks good. You have a good eye for your home and your kids’ clothing….why not for your own outfits?

2. Mix your metals: If  you are doing gold and silver make sure to use several pieces of each so they look intentional and coordinated. This works great with #3 too.

3. Don’t be afraid of not matching perfectly. Combining several neutrals together creates such a chic and updated look. I especially love mixing grey and beige together. Example: a grey skirt would look super chic with a cream shell and a beige or taupe jacket/cardigan. Add a silver skinny belt or ribbon (see #5 below) for even more style!  For this look, the more random the better.

4. Break the old rule of no black with blue or brown. This is one of my favorite ways of making black more interesting. With this look stick with only black and brown or only black and blue. This should look intentional and coordinated. Example: Wear a brown skirt with a black jacket and tights, add brown accessories to tie everything together.

5. If your belts just don’t work or are too casual for yom tov try this trick for dressing up basic pieces: Find (or buy) a thick ribbon or long scarf in whatever color you need (grosgrain is elegant, satin is dressy and silk is just fabulous). Use this as a sash on any plain skirt or jacket, tie into a pretty bow wherever is most flattering on you body (a belt in the right location can accentuate a small waist or hide a bloated stomache, use your eyes to visualize the best spot) and add a big fabric flower to make it even dressier.

6. Make sure you balance your pieces. A loose blouse or ruffly top looks best with a simple pencil skirt while a frilly maxi skirt or poufy bubble skirt looks best with a simple top. You can add a fitted jacket and a great statement necklace too.

7. Finally, add some interesting color to your ensemble. Mix a skirt and blouse of two different but complimenting colors. Here you have to trust your instincts and be a bit daring but the results will be worth it! Example, aqua and yellow look great together and are fresh for spring. You can also mix several shades of the same color for an interesting take on monochromatics.

Being creative with what you own can be so rewarding for so many reasons. But mostly, remember, Pesach is about being freed from slavery. So give yourself a a little kindness, compassion, rest and a creative outlet so you will arrive at the Seder feeling fabulous!

Have a Chag Kosher V’Sameach!!



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For the last 10 years Sharon has been hard at work and deeply entrenched in the fashion and design industry. A devoted mother of 5, Sharon has worked as a designer and artist, doing everything from corporate & charity event planning, home interior design décor & consulting, to ultimately creating her much talked about frum- fashion design clothing label, purple by Sharon . Sharon has taken her passion for all things fashion to the internet and can be seen at http://www.fashion-isha.com/ and is the contributing fashion guru for www.kosherstreet.com Ask Sharon -ask.fashionisha@gmail.com

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  1. alissa says:

    I loved the designs and the color suggestions!

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