Magical Moments – An Alfresco Dairy Delight

Hey KS Fans,

I love Shavout it is my favorite holiday – It is a great excuse to cook all your favorite dairy foods (and I have many!) and to have fun with flowers and tablesettings. – A perfect Tri-fecta in my opinion!

Looking for ideas for this years Shavout table, I recently walked in to a store I haven’t been into for a few years – Magical Moments and boy did I get a really nice surprise.

Normally when I am looking for inspiration and props for a photo shoot or tablescape, I shop in my local national chain stores like peir 1 imports, target, walmart, pottery barn, tjmaxxx, marshals, kohls etc… you get my drift.

But for some reason I was just looking for different inspiration, and Magical Moments was the first place I thought of to go. Someone had bought me a really stunning salad bowl that I use all the time from there and the store is literally two minutes from my house – so why not see what they got?

So off I went with my two year in tow (BIG MISTAKE by the way – bull in a china shop) and was surprised to see that they have a real variety of things that I really would not be exposed to just shopping in my local national chains.

The truth  I was expecting to finds things way out of my price range (which they do have) but really I was inspired. The stuff they had gave an idea I had real life. This Shavout holiday is going to be lots of fun to do.

I actually was inspired by our great friend Sharon Langert – the Fashion Isha herself. So many of us sit around waiting for our husbands to wake up after a whole night of learning, that we spend half the morning waiting to eat lunch. Sharon, throws a little Dairy Kiddush for the women of her block! – Brilliant Idea !!!

(Or you can do the same concept – if you don’t traditionally eat a meat meal on Shavout,  serve a little Dairy appetizer for your family and guests right before eating  the main meal )

Whatever you many do or are in the mood for I LOVE the concept of an Alfresco Dairy Delight (this year the weather is going to be stunning in the tri-state area) Using my great finds from Magical Moments I created a really beautiful tablescape – Anyone of these pieces would make a really terrific hostess gift or a great way to treat yourself this Shavout.

Have a great Holiday!




Butter Crossiants with Homemade Fig Jam and Strawberry Lycee Preserve (homemade)

Classic Vanilla Cheese Cake (The Viennese table)

Fresh Berries with Real Homemade Whip Cream (real maple syrup on the side)

Ice Coffee, Caramel Ice Coffee, Rasberry Lemon Ice Tea

Chocolate Chip Almond Biscotti (homemade )

My Favorite Milk Chocolate Toffee Crunch (store bought)


For the Table:

The Idea here was just to have fun with some great pieces that talk for themselves – I love colored glass pieces, and I mix and match from all the stuff that I have.  If you don’t want to invest in new stuff – use what you have. You can stick with all clear glass and then throw in the occasional pop of colored here and there – Have fun anything goes.

For the Flowers:

I went to shoprite and for $18.00 bought some gorgeous purple hydrangeas and lisyanthus and threw them in a colored brown pedestal glass vase – That simple and easy – I stuck with one color for the flowers and the affect was stunning



-Magical Moments Items  : Call and mention Kosherstreet for great special 732-905-5264

1) Monica Willard cake server with dome cover  – $189
2) Monica Willard pedestal dessert bowls – $42
3) Mini rose gold dessert spoons – $2.35
4) Porcelain tea cup, saucer, and spoon set – $32
5) Scalloped 36oz. glass pitcher – $48
6) Scalloped 54oz. glass pitcher – $56

7) Glass tea pot – $3



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  1. Sara this is gorgeous…how come I didn’t see this? You need to promote on facebook a little more ;)

  2. Oksana says:

    Amazing tablescape!

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