An Ode To The Diet

Hey Ks Fans,

My Definition of DIET!

I know that my posts

today does nothing to help my diet resolution I just made yet once again this morning.

So for all of you KS fans who are like me and eating ice cream and smores to your hearts content – here is a great little fun Poem sent to us by one of are new guest bloggers, Shani Goldsmith. – Enjoy that ice cream – Tomorrow it’s back to salads and protein!

Happy Eating!



An Ode To The Diet

This post isn’t for those
that are naturally thin
Can eat anything they want
And still look like a pin

This is for those among us
Who’ve watched the scale jump by fives
Atkins, Weight Watchers, Cabbage Soup
We’ve been dieting most of our lives.

It always starts off well
Sunday and Monday go according to plan
We sneak a brownie on Tuesday and Wednesday
And by Friday we finish the pan.

We start off with 8 cups of water,
Pilates and crunches on the floor
But by the end of the week the only workout I get
Is opening the refrigerator door

Though my husband’s been dieting with me
His behavior’s been way out of bounds
I eat lettuce and lose not an ounce
He eats fast food and drops away the pounds

So I’m tempted to give up
As my girth expands and grows
The only thing keeping my eye on the prize
Is that I need to fit into my clothes

So when you pass me in the supermarket, you can easily spot me
I may look hungry or determined or meek
I’ll insist I’m shopping for Tofu and Salad
But there will be telltale crumbs on my cheek.



We are excited to introduce a great new guest blogger to the kosherstreet Family – Shani Goldsmith – She is a 28 year old Brooklyn NY Mom – who happens to be raising her 4 kids in Israel! – Watch for some great new posts about how this Brooklyn Mom is Rasing Israeli Kids - managing it all with 2 Full Time Jobs – LOVE  and a lot of HUMOR!

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