Brooklyn Mom Raising Israeli Kids: LAUNDRY DAY


Brooklyn Mom Raising Israeli Kids

Chapter III: Laundry Day

by Shani Goldsmith

Today is a laundry day. With the impending onset of the nine days I will be spending the day doing load after load after load of laundry. What’s the big deal, you may ask?

Doing laundry in Israel is slightly different then doing laundry in America. For starters, there are 3 compartments in an Israeli machine. The middle compartment is for powdered detergent. I have no idea what goes in the right and the left, and the Japanese instructions have proved to be completely useless. There is also a dial that will typically go from 1-25. 4 are whites, 6 are colors, 18 are done. I have no idea what th e other numbers are for but I assume it’s somehow directly related to the right and left compartments.

Now while an entire family’s soiled garments can fit into an American washing machine, the standard Israeli washing machines can fit no more then a shirt and a sock. Furthermore, in America, a nice big load will take half an hour. In Israel, it will take an hour and a half and the black sock will come out red, and the pink top will be gone.

Starting from the moment the warranty expires, an Israeli washing machine will become possessed. It will randomly start and stop, leak all over the place, neglect its spin cycle, and will then fix itself by the time the repairman comes over, only to break again as he closes the door behind him. I have found this to be the case with many an Israeli appliance, as if to openly mock my foreign naiveté.

Now for the drying. The frugal Israeli woman would never use their dryer. Laundry gets hung out on the line. As a less frugal American, I’m open to the idea of hanging my laundry out to dry, but I take issue to displaying the family’s assorted underthings for all

to see. I was walking down Bar Illan Street the other day to find a woman on the ground floor hanging laundry out her front window. People on the crowded street were head-butting her unmentionables. No thank you!

Furthermore I find that when I hang laundry to dry, it dries so stiff that my boys’ pants can pretty much stand up and walk away on their own. In addition, if you leave it in the Israeli sun for 5 minutes too long, the front will be bleached white.

So you see, it aint easy. Wish me luck!




About the Author: We are excited to introduce a great new guest blogger to the kosherstreet Family – Shani Goldsmith – She is a 28 year old Brooklyn NY Mom – who happens to be raising her 4 kids in Israel! She is currently working 2 full time jobs all while trying to raise her rowdy loving bunch. – Watch for some great new posts about how this Brooklyn Mom is Raising Israeli Kids -  with LOVE  and a lot of HUMOR!

You can visit Shani and read some other great advice and tips on her blog :







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  1. Blima says:

    I could not stop laughing with this article.
    You have a great way with words and its so true.!!!

  2. You are right! I so remember doing laundry at my mother’s house and saying, “what?!” And she says, just put it on number so and so. What is wrong with an image of full, 1/2 or small instead of numbers? And really, do you need to boil your laundry? That is bizarre!

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