Fun Floral Straws: A Fun Project For You & Kids

Fun Floral Straws

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Who else is a Martha Stewart Fan? – I must admit I am not a fan of her recipes – but hands down in the craft department she takes the prize. Here is a great fun innovative way to use extra cup cake holders to spruce up your next glass of Tall Lemonade or Ice tea. Fun to make with your kids and dress up your boring Supper table – or a great way to decorate for the next baby shower or out BBQ you might have.

Happy Crafting!



Martha Stewart Living, June 2011

Plain or fancy, these straws decorated with baking-cup flowers make your summer drinks irresistible.

Tools and Materials

1. Fold 1 baking cup in half, then again, and then a third time. Use circle template and a pencil to mark an arc along the curved end; cut along the line. Unfold; punch a hole in the center. Punch a hole in the center of 1 candy cup.

2. Thread baking cup over 1 straw, then add candy cup.

3. Fold glassine in half. Cut out a leaf shape along folded edge. Secure to straw with tape.

To make the red and orange flowers, flatten baking cups so they’re circles. Pinch the centers, and gather the borders. Tape to straw.

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