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Hey KS Fans,

I love throwing a great party, and last night my friend threw a great impromptu get together for some friends to mark a huge success that had just occurred in her life . Nothing fancy just some friends, a little sushi, and happy people all around.

It got me thinking; usually when I want to see my friends (which is unfortunately a rare occurrence with our schedules) it’s a quick bite to eat or a cup of coffee. But how much  fun would it be if I made the effort to throw a very casual get together and do an activity with everyone that is not only fun and exciting, but is educational and useful!

I came across this great idea  for throwing a flower arranging party – What a fantastic idea – perfect for me and I know so much fun for my friends – One of these days I am definitely going to do this – hopefully before the summer’s end. It also is a great idea for a shower, birthday party, or going away bash.

Personally, I think a good dose of friends and great conversation and fun times is good for the Soul & our Psyches .  And even though, I know it sometimes a huge effort to get together and create an idea like this – it is an effort that is well worth it.

A few hours of  fun, flowers, food and great friends – Just what I need!

Here’s to more fun with our friends!


If anyone has any other great party ideas – I would love to hear them – contact me at Sarah@kosherstreet.com



Finding a unique and fun idea for a Wedding Shower or  Adult Birthday Party or just a Great Girls Get Together  is never easy.


A party for your friends where they get to learn and make their own flower arrangements.

Where to get your supplies: Go to your local grocery, corner bodega , or costco where they sell large bunches of flowers for cheap. In costco for instance you can get 2 dz roses for around $15 -

Figure if you have 15 ladies you will be spending about $10-15 per lady’s arrangement ( your cost $150-$2 50) not terribly expensive for party entertainment.

Select some basic bunches of roses, tulips and carnations and show the ladies how to take them from generic to chic.                                                                                                    


What’s a party without making it look all cute. Roll out Craft Paper on your Dining room or Porch Table and create personalized work stations for your guests. Go to the $1 store get some basic white aprons, A Note Pad so they can write down tips and ideas for future use, and of course a flower cutter for each person. Tie it together with a nice ribbon and WOW – a beautifully chic YET functional party!

Let your party guest get creative and have fun making their own beautiful flower arrangements

A Few Tips for Great Flower Arranging:

Use Harmony and Contrast When Arranging Flowers

  • Harmony: is when the arrangement compliments its surroundings by being similar in a way that makes it seem to belong. This is achieved when elements of the surroundings exist within the arrangement (like similar colors or textures).
  • Contrast: is created when the arrangement uses elements that are different enough from the surroundings that it won’t blend in completely—it needs to stand out to be noticed.

Mind Your Proportion and Scale When Arranging Flowers

Proportion and scale are two crucial elements of flower arranging. These elements ensure that an arrangement will fit in a setting properly. In order to achieve proportion, the size and quantity of the materials in a display should make sense in relation to the container in which they are placed. In order to achieve good scale, an arrangement must make sense in its location (it shouldn’t be too large or small for the area where it is placed.

  • The largest and darkest flowers are usually placed close to the base of the design.
  • The smallest and lightest flowers are generally placed at the outer edges of the arrangements.
  • In symmetrical arrangements, flowers should be spaced evenly throughout the arrangement.
  • In asymmetrical arrangements the materials should be placed in a way that visual weight is distributed evenly throughout the display.








Give all the ladies a little instruction and look at em’ go…then Viola! Perfection.


remember every great party needs some great food to spice it up. Keep things simple with some delicious petit pastries, finger sandwiches, a tasty cheese platter and crudité’s.  These perfect treats are great to nosh on while you are working on your flower arranging.













for more great flower ideas and posts visit Sarah of Blossom and Branch

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