Brooklyn Mom Raising Israeli Kids: Thanks, kid

Brooklyn Mom Raising Israeli Kids:

Thanks, kid

by Shani Goldsmith

Now that Bain Hazmanim (loosely translated: ‘summer’) has officially started, my days have been a whirlwind of errand running, school supply shopping, and of course – work.
There’s nothing like 80 women with double strollers crowding into the streets of Geula in 110 degree whether to fight to the death, using pocketbooks as weaponry if need be, over the last 15 shekel glue stick. (Same glue stick at Staples: .19 cents.)

I took a bus ride with my daughter yesterday to the mall to get her earrings fixed.
The bus was quite crowded and we were standing and holding onto a poll. The bus stopped and the two front seats became available.

“Ma! There are seats there! Let’s go!”
“We can’t, dear. Those seats are for old people.”
“But Ma, you ARE old.”

Thanks, kid.

About the Author: We are excited to introduce a great new guest blogger to the kosherstreet Family – Shani Goldsmith – She is a 28 year old Brooklyn NY Mom – who happens to be raising her 4 kids in Israel! She is currently working 2 full time jobs all while trying to raise her rowdy loving bunch. – Watch for some great new posts about how this Brooklyn Mom is Raising Israeli Kids -  with LOVE  and a lot of HUMOR!

You can visit Shani and read some other great advice and tips on her blog :

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