Keep Your Kids Busy While You Fast With These Great Projects!


Hey KS Fans,

T’sha Baav is a long day for kids who are not fasting- It is even longer for the parents who are. Here are some great in-door friendly projects that require minimal supervision and supplies – and will keep your kids happy and busy for hours.

For those of you who might be concerned -These projects and their intent is not to take away from the importance and solemness of how we as adults should be spending our day reflecting. It is a way for our kids to realistically occupy their long day and allow us Mom & Dads to have a more meaningful fast in the long run.

We hope our ideas help you have a slightly easier and more meaningful fast this year!



Finger Puppets


I love – LOVE – this very simple and cheap project. Your kids can make so many different and creative fun character finger puppets for hours of fun. After the puppets have been made – let your kids prepare and stage a mini show. Let them practice while you take a NAP!

A great project that needs very minimal supervision and is fairly inexpensive.


  • STYROFOAM Brand Products:
    • 2- 1″ or 1-1/2″ balls
    • 1- block (optional)
  • 1- 3″ piece of chenille stem
  • 1- pair wiggle eyes
  • Craft paintstiff paint brush
  • Felt scraps
  • Craft materials such as eyelash curls, pom-poms, yarn
  • General Tools and Supplies:
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue or glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wooden skewers or toothpicks


  1. If desired, paint balls of STYROFOAM. Push a skewer into the balls to hold while painting; place skewers in a block of foam to hold while balls dry.
  2. Shape 3″ piece of chenille stem into a “U”. Dip ends in glue and insert U shape into 2 balls so U shape will slip under the wearer’s middle finger while the two balls sit on top of the hand to form the puppet’s eyes. (1″ balls work best for smaller hands.)
  3. Cut felt shapes for eyes; glue wiggle eyes to felt or attach wiggle eyes directly on plastic foam balls. Glue on other features such as pom-poms and eyelash curls, or felt ears and eyelids.
  4. Dab glue onto foam and use a skewer to push materials such as yarn into the foam for hair. Insert chenille stems into foam for antennae or eye lashes. For antennae, gently curve chenille stems and glue pom-poms onto the tips of shaped chenille stems; dip in glue and insert into foam.
  5. Modify the finger puppet instructions to create a finger friend that resembles your school mascot, favorite pet or other character. Buttons, sequins or glitter are other objects that might inspire your creativity.


®™ Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow. For more project ideas, please see styrofoamstyle.com.





IN AUGUST: Paper Garlands

A great activity for your kids – make Succah Decorations! Yes we know it’s August – but when else between now and the start of school will you have this sort of time to make these beautiful garlands for your Succah.

Folded paper garland


Step by step

1. First of all you need to create some very long strips of paper. I only had A5 paper so cut four strips from each sheet of paper (for this step-by-step I only used two of each colour). The strips were 3.5cm wide by 21cm long. You can cut the strips as wide as you want – I just thought 3.5cm was a nice size!

Step 1

2. I then glued the shorter strips together to form two long ‘rainbow’ strips.

Step 2

3. Glue the end of the first strip to the end of the second strip at a 90° angle.

Step 3

4. Fold the vertical strip down and crease.

Step 4

5. Fold the horizontal strip across and crease.

Step 5

6. Fold the vertical strip up and crease.

7. Continue folding the horizontal and vertical strips in the same manner until you run out of paper (at which point you can glue the ends together or you can add more strips of paper to make the garland longer).

Create Letters & Notes for Loved Ones

- Snail Mail Cards

pics by www.motherhuddle.com

With the age of email and texting we almost never get regular mail from our family and friends. Teach your kids the beauty of making and sending personal notes and pictures to loved ones – through the good old fashion postal system. Get a box together of card paper, stickers, markers, crayons, glue, odds and ends crafting supplies and let your kids go at it. Have them write letters to grandparents, siblings in camp, cousins in Israel (or in the next town) or an old neighbor next door- the possibilities are really endless.

Take a field trip to the Post Office or your local mail box to send out  after the fast.

Hours of fun – minimal supervision and supplies needed!



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