Some Rainy Day KID FUN!

Hey KS Fans,

Just discovered this great new site for fun Rainy Day Kids projects -Here are my favorite ones.

Instead of going to Sesame Place like planned – canceled due to the impending storm :( -

I am going craft supply shopping and having a little crayon and cutting fun day instead.

Whats the saying – If you get handed Lemons…make Lemon Aide!

Happy Rainy Sunday  – Have some indoor Fun!


Project #91: Fun Paper Glasses

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Fun Glasses by Teri from Giddy Giddy

My contribution this week is a simple afternoon activity: making paper eye-glasses or “fun-glasses” with kids. In our family, these are part of the costume bin.  The glasses alone canhelp transform us into little old ladies, crazy goons, movie-star, robots, etc.


What you’ll need:
* 100 or higher cardstock paper that is atleast 13 inches wide
* color transparencies or clear plastic
* tape, scissors, glue & markers/paint

step 1.
Measure face (temple to temple and also from temple to ear). Use measurements as guide when sketching eyeglass design on cardstock paper
step 2.
Cut out and fold at corner temples.
step 3.
Decorate with paint, sequins, and also tape color transparencies for the shades/glass.

That’s it. I hope you make outrageous and fantastic paper glasses!

.. Giddy Giddy..

All images by Teri, please link back to this url.

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Project #86: Button Matching Game

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Button Matching Game by Kristen Sutcliffe from New House Project

My four-year-old daughter loves playing with the colorful buttons she finds in my desk, so I came up with a little game she could do with them.  This is a fun activity for preschool-aged children.

The materials you will need:
*A variety of colorful buttons
*Color photocopier
*Pen or Marker


Step 1:
Place a variety of different color and size buttons face down on the copying plate of a color photocopier.  If you have a picture in mind that you want to make with the buttons you can arrange them accordingly.  I planned a simple flower picture, but you can do a train, robot, tree, etc.
Step 2:
Make a color photocopy of the buttons.
Step 3:
Complete your picture with a pen or marker.
Step 4:
Place the buttons that you used to create your picture in a small dish.  Now your child is ready to play the matching game.
Step 5:
Play by placing the buttons from the dish onto the matching buttons in the picture.

..New House Project..

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Project #78: Fashion paper dolls

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Fashion paper dolls by Teri from Giddy Giddy

What You’ll Need:
*Card stock paper
*Recycled magazines
*Scissors or xacto knive


Step 1: 8×12 white card stock paper. (60 pound to 90 pound paper works just fine) Fold paper in half.

Step 2: Draw the silhouette of a fully dressed doll/girl on 1/2 of the paper. The idea is to create a dress that is large enough to serve as a blank canvas. (paper dolls samples)

Step 3: Now using xacto knife (or scissors) cut out the dress, legs,  shoes and even hair.

Step 4: Next, find patterns and colors in a magazine that can then be chopped into squares, rectangles and strips. ( Fashion magazines and photography magazines are a great source for interesting patterns. )

Step 5: Now experiment and start to arrange the bits of paper inside your new DIY fashion plate and see what incredible fashion ideas you can create!


..Giddy Giddy blog..
..Giddy Giddy..

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Project #77: Story Dice

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Story Dice by Helen Bird from Curly Birds

Once upon a time…roll these dice and create a story based on the pretty pictures that you see.

What You’ll Need:
*Pretty Card and Paper (stickers, stamps if preferred)
*Glue and brush


Step 1: To construct a cube, draw 6 squares (2”x2”) in a cross formation on the reverse side of cardstock. Include tabs for fitting the cube together.

Step 2: Cut out the cube, and on the reverse side of cardstock score all the internal lines.

Step 3: Using pretty paper, draw and cut out simple story subjects. Glue onto the cube. If preferred, use stickers, stamps, or magazine pictures for the images.

Step 4: Glue the cube together.

Step 5: Roll the dice and unite the pictures into a story.



..Curly Birds..


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Project #76: The Long-Reach Gizmo

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The Long-Reach Gizmo by Teri from Giddy Giddy

This is a fairly easy project with household materials.  And little engineers can get hands on experience with the concept of leverage and fulcrum…have fun.

What you will need:
*Scissors or x-acto knife


Step one:
I cut cardboard into 8”x2” strips and poked 3 holes in each strip.  For hole placements, put one in the center and the other 2 on each outer side.
Step two:
To spark ideas for how to transform our extendable arm into something fantastic, we started brainstorming toothy animal, robotic arm, and animal claws.
Step three:
We ultimately turned our “gizmo” into a crocodile and an angler fish by re-fashioning the upper and lower strips into the animal’s head. To do this, I sketched the upper and lower jaws on paper and cut them out first.

I had to refine the design until the upper jaw and lower jaw fit together nicely when you pivot the two pieces from the center fulcrum. The final drawing of the animal’s head was traced onto cardboard and then cut with the x-acto knife.
Step four:
Next, I painted on both sides of the cardboard.  Finally, I assembled “x” shapes together and fastened each cardboard strip with metal brads.



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