Tre’s Chic & Pregnant? But Of Course!

Hey Chic-kas,

I have gotten a lot of email asking me about how someone can be fashionably Tre’s Chic & Pregnant!

After having 3 kids, and having to work in the fashion industry and be “dressed” on a daily basis – I have this question in the bag!

I can tell you when I had my first daughter a little over 11 years ago – Dressing Chic & Fabulous AND TZNIUS was not easy.  The fashion industry was not as friendly as they are today to big -belly pregnant women!

Celebrities were not  embracing motherhood the way they are today, and Pea In the Pod was just coming onto the radar from Australia and Maternity fashion Gurus like Rosie Pope were basically non-existent.  It was Mumu’s and your husbands  over-sized t-shirt, with those hideous and unflattering tied in the back printed shirts, with the occasional skirt and Shabbos outfit you might find in your local maternity store (if you’re lucky that is).

Princess Diana in the 80's - what is up with this tent like- school marm look?

But with the latest trend in celebrity pregnancy  (think recently of Victoria Beckham, Natalie Portman, and  previous , Angelina Jolie, JLO, Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman ) – the last  half a decade or so, there has been a wave of super chic, and really beautiful fashion for women who are pregnant. Fashion Stylist Rachel Zoe even tackled the latest in Prada Maternity Ware this year.

Angelina’s updated version of the mumu

Let me tell you from experience, those three times that I was pregnant; I felt my most liberated and beautiful fashion wise. I NO longer had to ask the question “DO I LOOK FAT IN THIS?” because – hey I was pregnant I am supposed to look like I have a stomach! I embraced being “large” and “round” with so much gusto, I think at this point I actually might have more maternity clothing than I do regular in my closet.


The days that I was feeling lousy and sick and had to go to work, dressing myself in nice clothes and feeling good about myself, really helped.  It was a little mind over attitude- sorta thing – Just because I am about to puke over all these buyers in my office – at least I look good while faking it. More importantly, no one looking at me would be the wiser, unwittingly almost getting my early morning breakfast all over them! LOL  :)

These days there are stores like IsabellaOliver, Liz Lange Maternity , Rosie Pope Maternity, Motherhood, Gap & Old Navy , asos.com and other fantastic maternity websites that cater to the pregnant gal.

The truth is for many of us, sometimes buying a size bigger in regular department stores , works fantastically till the last month or so of pregnancy. Uses of the belly band or button extender, help us save money and give us a little more time with the clothing we already have in our closets. Styles today, like the casual wrap, the maxi skirt and dress, the swing shirts that are non-maternity – all are fantastic when your dressing for 2.

Some Maternity Trends Happening Right Now!

1. the belt – wear it right above your baby bum. It makes you look polished and put together – and lets you have fun with accessorizing.

2. the denim jacket and bright colored 50′s button down cardigan – A great way to dress for a casual Friday or Sunday. Perfect for that fall weather.


My Maternity Must Haves:

A great denim skirt – my favorite was old navy and gap (I still where them even today sometimes – even though I am back down to my pre-baby weight) I love an A-Line style – very flattering and proportionate for pregnant women.

Short or long these paneled skirts are easy and super comfortable to wear

Maxi Black Skirt and/or dress –( pregnant women are so lucky that these are the hottest thing in fashion right now) Loving asos.com, or old navy.com for great inexpensive ones in all colors

A Colored striped Maxi

The Pencil Skirt – Great for dressing up or down – throw on a great jacket or cardi/ great blouse or shirt – some fantastic jewelry or scarf – a great pair of comfortable heels – winner look every time! (Alice & Olivia)

Another way to wear the pencil skirt



Great Long Sweater or Sweater Wrap – come s in many colors, many styles, great when you want to hide the backside ( I have found some of the nicest and inexpensive ones in Motherhood & Target stores, as well as gap and Old Navy

The Perfect All Season Long Sweater

Maxi dress with long sweater and belt


Long light vest with Maxi Striped Dress - take it from summer to pre-fall

The Wear Any Where White Shirt -this ruffled white shirt can be worn for shabbos or weekday – a real staple for your wardrobe. A plain white t shirt also will be worn multiple times.

The Perfect Pregnancy Outfit

The Perfect Blazer - work with a skirt or casual with a maxi dress- my go to item when I need to dress for work – I throw it over a maxi dress, or wear it with a great t-shirt and skirt.

The Wrap Dress and/or the Ruche Dress – Accentuates all the good parts – great for under sweaters or blazers – flats or heels- great accessories – A Tre’s chic look where ever you go.

Ruche dress that is super flattering and can be worn with a great jacket, heels, and accessories


Perfect Faux Wrap Little Black Dress - guaranteed you will wear this 100 times



As far as staying Tznius  and Stylish while Pregnant -Well it is really not that hard.The same rules apply as they did before we were pregnant.

Skirts that are to tight and there for ride up  – do what I did! I just wore them low beneath my belly and covered with a long shirt – no one was the wiser.You would need to get a skirt button extender or the maternity belly band for your non-maternity clothes if you plan on pushing the wardrobe you already have as far as you can in your pregnancy. I love the belly band and used it for months on my old skirts; it allowed me to pull my skirts down without having to worry about them falling off or showing to much skin. And it added what looked like a t-shirt layer underneath my regular shirt. Comes in a ton of colors and prints.

Do not like bulk under your dresses that are sleeveless or low cut – get a paper thin long sleeve t-shirt to wear. Target makes the best maternity ones and they come in all colors.

So for all you Expectant & Fabulous Mom’s To Be – You are glowing and already beautiful from the inside out – it really does not matter how you dress. But if you Look Good you will Fell Good (most times) – so hopefully my tips and advice help you plan what to wear for the next 9 months of Fashion in your life!

B’sha Tova and Enjoy the Spit-up free days you have. Because before you know it, if you don’t already, your fabulously chic clothes will be your baby’s perfect target!

Chow! Effie

PS. I will be posting later this week  – My Top Ten Mommy Must Haves (the best diaper bags and strollers etc..) also some great decorating tips for turning a room into a nursery. If you have anything that you would like me to cover – please email me treschicka@yahoo.com I would love to hear from you!


For more great Fashion Pregnancy Tips- Check out Fashion-Isha’s interview with Ms. Fab-ology

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About Tre’s Chic -ka: Effie L. is a fashion accessories wholesale buyer for some of the most exclusive boutiques in the NY & LA area. Some of her great  accessory picks and finds for those stores  have subsequently graced the “hot list” of many major style and entertainment magazines. Growing up her parents owned a luxury textile company and Effie and her 6 siblings grew up in the Fashion district of NYC. She is currently married to an Italian Jewfrom Milano and together they have 3 gorgeous and very precocious daughters who all are expressing their own unique fashion style already. Effie is new to blogging, but is very excited to share her great tips and advice on Fashion, Trends, and all the other things she loves here on kosherstreet.com




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