What’s For Dinner Tonight? One Pot Chicken & Potatoes

Hey KS Fans,

I have been craving chicken for the last 2 weeks and I last night I made this delicious recipe. It is so easy and fast and I can’t even begin to describe how happy I was digging in and savoring every delicious bite!

It took me no time to make – I put it up at 5:30 and was done by 7:oo pm right as my husband walked in the door. My daughter must have been craving chicken as well – she had 3 drumsticks and a whole lot of potatoes – I had to eventually cut her off! :)

Try it tonight for dinner.

- let me know if you loved it as much as me.



One Pot Chicken & Potatoes

3 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

1 package of chicken bottoms and legs

1 small bag of baby russet potatoes (you can keep them whole or cut into halves or quarters depending on how small)

1 large white onion, juliened

1/2  fresh lemon

1 1/2 cups Apple Juice

Spices you will need about 1-2 tsp of each (mix them in a bowl)

kosher salt

black pepper





smoked paprika

garlic powder

dried mustard

Pre-heat oven to 425

Add to the bottom of a dutch oven or chicken roaster pan  the olive oil. Lay all your pieces of chicken in the bottom of your pan. Sprinkle over the tops of your chicken the entire spice mixture  – distributing the spices evenly over the chicken tops. Add the potatoes to your pot and place them on top of the chicken. Then add your sliced onions. Sprinkle a little more kosher slat and pepper over everything. Squeeze the half lemon over everything, and drizzle about a 1 tsp. more of olive oil as well. Pour in the Apple juice and bake the chicken covered in oven for about 1 .5 -2 hours. Check midway that your liquid has not evaporated totally – and adjust accordingly.

Serve with a side of steamed broccoli or vegetables.



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About the Author

For the last 8 years Sarah Lasry has been the heart and soul of the successful and celebrated Tastebuds Gourmet Café & Flower Shop in Howell, NJ. Sarah opened and ran Tastebuds to much critical appraise for her unique approach to delicious, kosher gourmet cooking as well as her legendary parties, original style and artistic culinary flair. In 2006 Sarah wrote the acclaimed bestselling cookbook “THE DAIRY GOURMET” which revealed all the secret recipes of Tastebuds Café. With much anticipation from her many fans and fellow foodies, Sarah’s brand new cookbook “THE AT HOME GOURMET” just hit the stores with high praise and reviews. Sarah currently resides in Lakewood, NJ where she has recently left the restaurant business to concentrate on her passion for writing cookbooks and is hard at work as the Food and Home contributing editor for Binah Magazine and www. Kosherstreet.com.

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  1. Deena Tagger says:

    I baked it at 425° for 1.5 hours and it did not absorb much liquid. What do you think?

    I love your recipe ideas!

    • admin says:

      Hmmm – How long did you have to end up cooking it before the liquid absorbed? and once it did – was it tasty at least? :)

      there can be a few thing that went “wrong”
      1. your 425 and my 425 are different – either my oven is too hot or yours is too cold – suggest next time keep your lid slightly uncovered so the liquid can evaporate quicker and cook for slightly longer

      2. it is not suppose to be “completely absorbed” there still should be at least 3/4 cup worth at the end of the 1.5 hrs – did you have more?

      3. also I guess next time – less apple juice – just go 1/2 cup – make sure your chickens are half way covered.

      I make this all the time and is really worth the effort – so I hope you can figure out what maybe it was :(

      I love a cooking mystery – sorry though that it did not wok out exactly – I am going to make it again this week and see if I missed anything -and will let you know

      all the best

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