Apples & Artichokes …A Designers Inspired Holiday Décor

Margalit Demos How-To: Apples in vase with Cherry Blossoms


 Apples & Artichokes …A Designers Inspired Holiday Décor

Part I: 

by Margalit Lankry (www.margalitlankrydesigns.com)

Fabulous home decor doesn’t need to be complicated.

Simplicity often lends the most elegance.

Using fruit as part of your home decor is so simple

that it’s often entirely overlooked as an option.

Fill a tall vase with Apples - and add a few flowers for striking vase that can be put on your table or any where in your home

One of the most obvious ways to incorporate fruit into

your home is using fruit in a table scape setting. Simply

open your refrigerator and pick out some of the colorful

everyday fruit hanging out in your crisper drawer: apples,

oranges, and more exotic fruits like kiwis and pomegranates

can all contribute to centerpieces or table arrangements.

Sliced oranges in a vase adds color and drama to any table setting

Add the same color orange gerber daisys

Keeping to the same color tones - yellow hydrangeas adds another dimension of color

Simple . Easy. Beautiful.

When you sit down with your fruits to create a table décor,

start by focusing on color. Take fruits and vegetables

that are in the same color scheme or even contrasting

colors, depending on your personal style, and group them


Create A Tablescape using Asparagus and other Green & Purple Vegetables.

Wrap Fresh Asparagus around a Glass Vase. Tie with Ribbon of same color or compliment color like purple.

Add purple & lavendar flowers like hydrangas, mums, roses & irisis.

Shop in your fridge or grocery for seasonal produce that are purple in color like cabbage, artichockes, baby eggplants and add in clusters around the base of your asparagus vase.

Get a little creative and add sparkle to simple inexpensive votives that you will add to you scape.. Edge rim with glue.

Assemble them whole, or slice them and expose their seeds and geometrical shapes can also add fresh cut flowers

or whole nuts to create a beautiful, seasonal arrangement.

Keep in mind that clusters of odd numbers

are always more effective than singular placement.

Use fruits not only as table décor but as general home décor.

Pull out a color from your curtains, bed linens or dining

room chairs and use it as a guide. Place some coordinating

fruit into a clear vase or bowl on your coffee table,

nightstand or entryway table, and you have an elegant,

charming accessory that can be customized to your taste

and changed at whim with little expense.

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About the Author

Margalit Lankry has been a much sought after and successful Commercial & Residential Interior Designer for the last 20 years. Her love & unique eye for all things beautiful is evident in every space Margalit Lankry Designs has put their stamp on. To see some of her most recent commercial & residential work visit her at www.margalitlankrydesign.com In her free time, Margalit loves to indulge her passion and hobby for table decor,& party design. Recently her hobby as a food stylist & table design has been published in Ami Magazine, Binah Magazine, and The-At Home Gourmet cookbook .

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  1. Fashion-isha says:

    This is such a fabulous post. I’m so proud of my awesome talented friends Sara and Margalit! Just curious, what’s in the tall cylinder vase with the apples?

  2. Jenni says:


    I love these – do you put water in with the fruit and flowers? Thanks – Shanna Tova


  3. Terree says:


  4. Leah says:

    Will these stay fresh over the upcoming 3 day holiday?

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