Bargain Shopping For Your Little Princess

Dressing your daughters fashionably and affordable can be a challenge for any busy mom. My sister-in-law, Chavi Trenk, is here to help. Chavi is a savvy shopper and mother to a stylish toddler; her daughter’s wardrobe can rival that of any princess!

In this post, Chavi shares some of her tips for girls’ clothes shopping on a budget. She also put together some impossibly cute outfits for girls – both for weekdays and Shabbos/holidays.

Chavi’s Tips for Bargain Shopping:

  • Sign up to receive e-mail updates and coupons from your favorite stores and never miss a big sale! Some of Chavi’s favorite sites for girls clothing are Garnet Hill, Zulily and Next Direct.
  • Stock up at the end of the season when everything goes on deep discount and put it away for the next year. Just purchase a bigger size than your daughter needs now – when next year rolls around she’ll have what she needs for the season and you’ll save big bucks. (Better off trying this tip with basic items – you don’t want to be stuck with something too trendy a year too late!)
  • Kids get dirty. Accept this fact and don’t spend $ on things that will get ruined quickly! But some things are worth splurging on – coats and nice Shabbos outfits can last for years and be passed on. (Again, you’re better off purchasing classic styles that won’t look outdated after a few years.)

                        Casual Weekday Outfit Inspirations

Cowgirl Chic
Cowgirl Chic by bellabusta on Polyvore.com

Doll in Denim
Doll in Denim by bellabusta on Polyvore.com

Pink Playdate
Pink Playdate by bellabusta on Polyvore.com

                   Shabbos and Holiday Outfit Inspirations

Some of these pieces are more pricey than weekday items, but these classics can last for years.

Posh Princess
Posh Princess by bellabusta featuring long hair accessories

Rose Dot Dress

Tipped Cardigan

Bright Beauty
Bright Beauty by bellabusta on Polyvore.com

Do you have any tips to share when shopping for a girls’ wardrobe?

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