Sweet Crumb Challah That Is Perfect For Rosh Hashana

For a sweet new year i like to make sweet delicious challah that is beloved by all.  Any challah dough recipe can be used for this. I like to use the recipe from the kosher pallete because i find it to be a sweeter challah.

Make your choice of challah dough and make as you normally would. Prior to baking, egg it and sprinkle on crumbs. Bake and enjoy!
1 stick margarine
1 c sugar
1.5 c flour
4 tbs vanilla sugar
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Miriam K. is your typical Jewish Mom who loves to be creative in her home and with her family. With a knack for creating & finding some of the coolest and inventive ideas for your home, Miriam has earned her reputation as the "mom who knows"!

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