Part One: How to help your child adjust to school!

Hi!  Let me reintroduce myself as it has been a while since I posted.  Between a new baby and working as the Program director of Camp Sternberg, things have been a bit hectic -BH.  I am now back!  Feel free to e-mail me any education or parenting questions or your ideas at info@kosherstreet.com.


How to HELP your child ADJUST to school! 

Part One:

Sometimes the adjustment is seamless and it all just comes together. The teacher is great. The Rebbe is inspiring and understanding! Your son loves school. sigh…

Other times- it is not so simple and your child refuses to get on the bus or out of bed. Yikes!  I have been there more than once. :(

Here are some tried and true suggestions:

1) Talk to your child daily about what to expect from school this year.
I start doing this a week before hand. ie. ” Do you know that this year you have Mrs. Goldberg? I heard she is a wonderful morah. She makes the cutest Alef Beis Train. Where should we put it up in your room?”
Why it works: You concretize school.It is no longer a scary and abstract idea. The Morah has a name and they begin thinking about what they will do in school.

2) Pass by her school and remind her about the great year she had or will have. Another day, play a game and ask your daughter to point to the house that her playgroup will be in.
Why it works: Similar to the tip above- you remove the mystery.  The unknown is scary for everyone – even adults.

3) Let her choose her outfit for the first day of school. If you buy them a new outfit, it may not be worn before the first day of school.
Why I think it works ANTICIPATION.… Who doesn’t like new clothing?

4) I let him  choose the supper for the first night. I always buy a special surprise dessert. ( generally ice cream with sprinkles)
Why I think it works: For starters, It allows me to re-dirrect when they are saying “I’M NOT GOING TO SCHOOL!!!”.  I acknowledge the fear and say I know you are scared of going to school .  I THEN redirect and empower him. What would you like for supper?

Last year,  supper the first day of school was of 6 different cheeses and grilled cheese . I try to give control where I can.  It also makes it into a day to celebrate- a EVENT! :)

I will update you how school went today with my sons. Today was the first day for my boys in Lakewood  :)

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Shira is the Program Director of Camp Sternberg and the former Principal of Shalsheles Bais Yaakov. She is presently stuck on her dissertation with is necessary to finish her Doctorate in Educational Administration. She lives in Lakewood, NJ with her husband her lively kids.

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