Rosh Hashanah Recipe Box: HOW -TO make Chocolate Balloon Dessert Bowls

Hey KS Fans

Here is a sneak preview of my article for AMI magazine and my HOW -TO on making these fun and really great chocolate bowls for YOM TOV dessert.

I was perusing the internet last march when I cam upon a food blog that was showing how to make them and I have been filing this idea way til now – I think it is a perfect dessert to make for yom tov – and a great activity to do with your kids today.

I had a great time shooting this feature article for the magazine even if there was a little chocolate disaster in my kitchen because I rushed to dip the balloons

without cooling the chocolate – do not make the same mistake – we are still getting chocolate off the ceiling – LOL!

But these really are easy to make and are a fantastic dessert choice for this yom tov! – recipes for fillings to follow soon.

Have a great Sunday!





Sarah’s TIPS you will need to know before you Start:


I found that water balloons work well for the smaller cups( 1 scoop dessert cup) and regular $.99 latex balloons for the medium size ones (2-3 scoop dessert cup. Your cup will be as large as the bottom width of your balloon, so the bigger the balloon you blow up, the larger the chocolate cup will be.


Make sure that you let the chocolate COOL DOWN (minimum 15 minutes) before you start coating your balloon. Otherwise, learn from my personal experience, you WILL have chocolate flying all over your kitchen when your balloon burst from the heat.


Make sure you coat your balloon well with chocolate. Do at least 3 dipping layers before you place onto wax paper. This will ensure that your balloon, once popped will easily be removable and the chocolate walls of your cup will be thick and not crack.


Make sure you do not skip the step of washing your balloons and drying them well – if you don’t you will inevitably be left with a chocolate cups that tastes like latex powder. On the same note – BE SURE that no one you are serving this dessert to have a latex allergy.



1.      For The  MARBLE LOOK – Melt white chocolate and dark chocolate separately. Drizzle the dark chocolate into the white chocolate – DO NOT mix in. Gently dip your balloon all the way in and hold for 3 minutes. Remove and set onto wax-paper.

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