Cozy Cool Ideas: How To Make the Sukkah an Extension of Your Home

cozy up to these cool ideas

Here are some ways to make your sukkah an extension of your home

by Margalit Lankry & Sarah Lasry



Warm up your sukkah:
An excellent way to create a warm and  inviting atmosphere is to drape the sukkah walls with fabric.
Remnants – large pieces of out-of-stock or end-of-roll fabrics are usually sold at a discounted price. Choose your style: modern, traditional, velvet or vinyl… the options are endless. Staple-gun or Velcro the fabric to the walls and watch your sukkah take on your unique flair.
If covering all four walls is out of your budget, pick one of them and make it a feature wall. Put your chair and ottoman on that side of the sukkah, and you will see what a transformation even one fabric-covered wall can make.


from house to sukkah

1. Bring a nice lamp into your succah. The light’s glow will automatically add an intimate ambiance to your succah at night.

2. Throw an area rug on the succah floor. This will define the space as a living space versus an outdoor one. The cozy look of the rug will draw your family into your warm succah. There are many inexpensive options for outdoor area rugs that mimic the feel of the indoor styles.
3. Update your garden furniture into succah furniture. If you have aniron or wicker bench bring it in. A few cushions or pillows and… tada, a succah couch has been created.

4. Use a night stand or a coffee table to display little knick knacks
and accessories like vases and pictures. This table can be used
as a game activity center or to hold drinks when there is limited
space at your yom tov table.

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About the Author

Margalit Lankry has been a much sought after and successful Commercial & Residential Interior Designer for the last 20 years. Her love & unique eye for all things beautiful is evident in every space Margalit Lankry Designs has put their stamp on. To see some of her most recent commercial & residential work visit her at www.margalitlankrydesign.com In her free time, Margalit loves to indulge her passion and hobby for table decor,& party design. Recently her hobby as a food stylist & table design has been published in Ami Magazine, Binah Magazine, and The-At Home Gourmet cookbook .

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  1. Fashion-isha says:

    I like the lamp ;)

  2. Love the idea of garden furniture in the Sukkah!

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