Fashion-Isha: Part I – Wiping The Slate Clean With White

White Hot with Fashion-Isha

Part I – Wiping The Slate Clean With White

Tomorrow night is Yom Kippur, a day that in itself atones and wipes the slate clean so
we have the opportunity to start fresh. Although the fasting and praying may not be
easy, the day in itself is a true gift, and at the end of it all we experience the joyous
feeling of starting over with a pristine and clean slate. As is customary we wear white to
represent this cleanness…the feeling of rising above humanness for one day and
reaching the level of angels; and thus we dress the part.

This just goes to show that there is a lot more to getting dressed than just looking pretty
(although that also does serve an important purpose…but that’s for a different
conversation). In Judaism we believe we can achieve spirituality by utilizing the physical
utilities in this world in the correct way. Even fashion and design can be used for
achieving our spiritual goals by beautifying our mitzvos and dressing for our purpose.
Lucky for us, pristine white dresses in modest styles were all over the runways. And by
now everyone knows the old ‘no white after Labor Day rule’ is not only passe, but Yom
Kippur would be the ultimate exception anyway. So here are some great white looks;
the styles are simple, modern, clean and classic…angelic in their own right.

Styling Tip: The only possible downside to all white is that it can be a bit unflattering, so
you can always add a touch of black or a metallic color to make your white more
wearable. Try a simple contrasting belt over a white tunic or dress. Another great idea is
to wear a combination of white with cream or taupe for a more sophisticated take on the
look. And when all else fails there’s always the classic white blouse, ruffled or plain, that
can literally be worn with anything! Add some (non leather) coordinating flats and voila,
you’re ready for shul….feeling clean, pristine and pretty too!

G’mar Chatima Tova, have an easy and meaningful fast!
PS Loving the clean fresh feel of white? Why not borrow this theme and use it to
elegantly decorate your Sukkos table? Stay tuned for WHITE-hot Sukkah decorating
inspirations…coming soon.

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For the last 10 years Sharon has been hard at work and deeply entrenched in the fashion and design industry. A devoted mother of 5, Sharon has worked as a designer and artist, doing everything from corporate & charity event planning, home interior design décor & consulting, to ultimately creating her much talked about frum- fashion design clothing label, purple by Sharon . Sharon has taken her passion for all things fashion to the internet and can be seen at http://www.fashion-isha.com/ and is the contributing fashion guru for www.kosherstreet.com Ask Sharon -ask.fashionisha@gmail.com

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