DIY Home Repair Series: Lower Your Water Bill


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When I first had the idea of Kosherstreet I always had the plan of getting an expert in DIY Home Repairs to blog for me. Having been single home renter for a long time, there was no one else but me to rely on for those odd house repairs that were needed. Broken door handle, patching a hole in the wall, hanging up shelves, and the odd electrical (changing a bulb) and plumbing issues (running toilet) were always coming up. After having paid astronomic sums to local handy mans for hire,  for a job that took 10 minutes to do, I started to get hooked on those DIY shows that I would flip trough (holmes on holmes my fav!), & I really did learn a thing or two that I have utilized.

Thankfully I married a very very handy man and I no longer have to sweat the small stuff around the house! But I have many friends who’s husbands are not friendly with the tool box and are always in need of some handy man know-how.

Well I am so excited to introduce Avroumie Eidenson of Top Quality Plumbing, KS’s new weekly DIY House Repair Expert Blogger. I met Avroumie a bunch of years ago when he was a daily customer of my Foccacia pizza at Tastebuds. One day I ad a major water issue and Avrhumie came to the rescue when no one else was able to solve our problem, since then he is my go-to plumber man and I have never been disappointed!

Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions for our DIY man can answer.

email info@kosherstreet.com

Smile Sarah


DIY Home Repair Series: Lower Your Water Bill

Does your water bill seem to be higher this month? The first place to check is your toilet. They lose water and refill themselves automatically all day and night. You may not even be aware of it. The easy test is to drip some food coloring into the toilet tank( top part) and look in the bowl ( bottom part) 10 minutes later. If the water has color in it, you’re losing water. Most times this means that the seal in the tank, usually a flapper, is worn out.


The Flapper Hunt:
There are many types of flappers. If your toilet has a brand name like Toto or Kohler, you need to find that brand flapper, and make sure it’s the same exact one. If it’s not, the toilet won’t flush right. The timing of the flush is dictated by how fast or slow the flapper closes. Many toilets utilize a standard type of flapper. But it’s tricky since some toilets need more water and others less in order to flush properly. That’s why I use the Fluidmaster adjustable flappers so you can fine-tune your flush.

What’s That?!
Other toilets like Mansfield have a seal that is not a flapper, more like a ring. You must get the brand-specific part.

And then there’s the powerflush toilets. These utilize a cartridge and are not easy to change.
Some times the fill valve , which is in charge of filling the tank after a flush and stopping once the tank is full, is the culprit. If you’re handy and want to feel accomplished, follow the instructions on a Fluidmaster fill valve box, and you can solve this problem yourself. Beware: any water in the tank will pour onto the floor when you remove the broken fill valve.

Principle parts of a flush valve…

Cutaway of toilet tank

1. Lift rod or chain connecting trip lever (handle) to tank-ball or flapper.

2. Tank~ball or flapper (the stopper).

3. Flush valve seat ( big hole in bottom of tank).

4. Trip lever (handle) connection to lift rod.

5. Overflow pipe (vertical pipe standing in center of tank)

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  1. Itta Eidensohn says:

    Avrumi Eidensohn is the BEST plumber! Thanks Sarah!

  2. Chani Gerstein says:

    Avrumi is an excellent plumber, easy to work with, with great attention to detail. Take your tips from him!

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