DIY Home Repair: Tub Stopper Gone Leaky?






Tell me if you disagree, but I think the most annoying plumbing thing in your house is the tub stopper. You know, the one that’s supposed to pop up or down when you push it with your foot? What do you do when the thing doesn’t go down, or up, or come out?


Here’s what I do:

1.  Using a wrench , grab the stopper under the shiny chrome part. If you can get a grip on it, hold it tight and turn the chrome part counter- clockwise. Once its off, you will see the brass screw that holds it to your tub.


2. Grab a flat screwdriver, preferably not your thinnest one, and turn the screw counter clockwise.

3. Once its out, you can pull out all the hair and other debris that’s been stopping your drain. A needle- nosed pliers will help with that.


Stoppers come in three sizes( screws are different) . Most houses have 3/8 inch tub stopper. Most days you can buy these at any plumbing supply store.

I always carry them in my truck. If you get frustrated or have a question, call or text me anytime 732-606-6289. Or email topqualityplumbing@gmail.com. See you next week! Avrumi Eidensohn Top Quality Plumbing, Inc

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  1. Shaindy says:

    I love the DIY series. Very practical.

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