DIY Home Wednesdays: Lifetime Warranty–What is it really worth?

water heater

It looks nice. It works much better than the old one. And its lifetime warrantied! That’s the clincher, the final sales pitch. Now you can sleep well, knowing that you got something you like, with no potential for regret. Right? Wrong!

When it comes to water heaters, some places are very cool about returns.  So when the water heater ruptures and floods your basement they say,”No problem, bring it back to the store and we will give you another one!” Some manufacturers would rather come to you. After you make an appointment with their certified fix-it company, they come down to: A) Figure out which parts to order for you -no hot water until then, or B) To tell you why they won’t be covering your heater under warranty. However, they can do the repairs for a (sometimes hefty) fee. And then there are some brands that simply don’t break, or are easy to fix.

The same goes for faucets. Whether they are cheap or expensive, they are almost always warrantied for life. But how much of YOUR life is spent getting parts and hiring people to install them? Wouldn’t it be great if the stuff didn’t break ? Over the years I have found certain faucets, toilets, water heaters ,etc. that rarely break, and when they do, are simple to repair.

Tip of the day:  When changing a toilet handle, the ones that are on the front  (not side) have a reverse-threaded nut. Meaning, to loosen, you turn it clockwise, an exception to the rarely-broken rule of “righty-tighty, lefty-loosy”

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