Fashion Tuesday: Top Off Your Look with Over- Layering

Why put something under when you can put it over??

I don’t know about you but I am sick of having to put a shirt under EVERYTHING that falls above my elbow! I have started a personal campaign, whatever I find that needs something under I will figure out a way to put something over it instead. I have named this campaign- “over” layering.
And….”Over Layering” has been a success!!

Let me explain myself…. There is really no need to have to wear a shirt underneath everything. I am positive we can find a sweater or cardigan etc. to go on top of the piece in which you love so much but it just happens to be sleeveless. Try to come out of the box a bit and do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do like putting a cropped sweater over your favorite short sleeve dress (Dresses are wonderful because they can act as a dress or skirt depending on your mood).

Take this sweater for instance:


It is the perfect sweater to put over a dress or wear it with just a skirt. Try it sometime, it adds a whole new dimension to your closet by knowing that all your dresses can become skirts with the purchase of a sweater.



A cardigan is always the easiest “throw over anything”. They are fabulous because they come in a myriad of different styles, cropped cardigans and sweaters are fabulous with high waisted dresses or if you have a long flowing shirt and you want it to show, a cropped option is always great for showing both of them off. Long cardigans and sweaters are wonderful when worn opened with a belt worn over.

Another wonderful option is to wear a blazer. Blazers are really wonderful because the have the tendency to give an outfit just the perfect balance of femininity and masculinity. They are able to be worn open or closed as well, it is all up to you.


You may be thinking “Ok, Now that we took care of winter, now what do we do in the summer??”
During the summer months, this whole issue can be tricky but many stores make summer cardigans for your summer needs-tada, that was solved!

Here is the perfect summer “over” piece. It is a cropped, ¾ length sleeve, and lightweight cardigan. I mean come on, during the summer, how many of us are really hanging out outside in the sweltering heat? So even though it is a layer you are most likely going to be indoors, in A/C, most of the time anyways.

Some more options for over layering are:


If you are wearing a flowing maxi skirt, try a bulky sweater on top  -a great way to balance out the outfit!



A fabulous option for a formal “over layering”. It is not bulky but it can still go over and look very elegant and classy.


An easy every day throw over piece. So super soft and the back detailing is fabulous it will add a whole new dimension to your outfit.


Another super cozy cardigan. I love this style cardigan because they are typically a light fabric so it can lay as follows. And since the fabric is so light, it is a really fabulous summer piece as well.

Now I challenge you to go 1 day without putting a layering piece under a shirt and just try to wear something over instead! Good luck!

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Michal has always loved fashion since she was just a toddler. Growing up she always had a sense of style that was all her own. After attending Parson's, The New School For Design, she has now started a wardrobe styling/ personal shopping business called P.S. I Shop.Michal has a very unique sense of style and caters to her clients needs. She is also a personal shopper for Anthropologie in her spare time. Michal can be reached by emailing her at ishopmk@gmail.com and you can also follow her on her Facebook page called P.S. I Shop.

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  1. malka says:

    You are soo inspirational, lets see what I can wear on top of my dress for my brothers vort!!

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