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Hi everyone! So excited to be a part of the Kosherstreet’s Fashion Team!

Gold is Priceless

Do you ever put on an outfit and take it right off because it is just not working? Or do you have clothing hanging in your closet that still have the tags on them, and occasionally you look at them but….they are just missing something and you can’t figure out what? My answer to all is to put a piece of gold jewelry or gold shoes with it and ta-da it is bound to look, if not 100% better, at least you’re on your way to a timeless outfit. Gold has come back in style with a serious boom! It has the ability to be worn everyday for a more casual look or on the other hand it can be worn for very formal events as well. If you are not so into gold, some people think it’s not for them, you can also try rose gold which has a more antique feel to it and is a bit harder to lay your hands on, but that makes it all the more special! If you do not own a lot of gold but want to wear whatever you may have, don’t be scared to pair it with silver-

“It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.”

— Alexander McQueen


So go ahead and place your gold with whatever you desire, because it really goes with anything…and did I mention that gold is so timeless? You will never regret a gold purchase. You can pull out a gold piece in 5, 10, or 25 years and wear it like you bought it yesterday. Keep in mind as not to over-do any jewelry. I normally tend to choose 1 hefty piece of jewelry for the hand, either a ring or bracelet, and 1 hefty piece for the head/ neck, either a necklace or earrings.


This awesome necklace is one of a kind. I would definitely wear it solely for formal events with an outfit that is not very busy in order to showcase it as a true piece of artwork.


This striking ring is so simple and so elegant at the same time. It can be worn as an everyday ring or as a fancy ring. The antique Venetian inspired design is so unique that it will stand out in any crowd. I always like to pair a larger ring with a pair of larger earring or necklace in order to give the jewelry the perfect balance without looking tacky.


OOOOOOOH my favorite way to give an outfit a “pop” of gold! I am totally obsessed with a pair of gold flats. Gold flats give an outfit such an unexpected yet super stylish and easy burst of gold. You can do them in the colder months with any tights, as they truly match everything, or in the warmer months just plain and simple. Another fun option for these shoes would to add a fun little shoe clip which are being sold everywhere these days and can add a little flare to any shoe.


What a stunning brooch! I love the fact that it has a pearl in the middle to give it a very elegant feel in addition to the green stone giving it a subtle touch of color. Although this a pin mainly to be worn on a shirt or hat, I think I would mix things up and put it in my hair as a beautiful adornment….anyone have a wedding coming up that would try my last idea??


Absolutely love this. The picture says it all, all you need is one bulky piece on your hand and you are set. She is simple but her ring is just shouting to be recognized.


…Just the most fabulous every day necklace. This vintage-esq locket on the long chain with the small design on the front is a great way to wear a toned down piece of gold. Who doesn’t like a locket? And vintage inspired?… I’m sold!


I am truly loving this gold/ caramel colored loop scarf. What a great way to add the gold in the winter time on top of all your layers and puffy coat! These scarves serve two wonderful purposes, they are not only stylin’ but they are also very warm and cozy. Don’t worry….you will not be looked at funny if you walk inside and take off your bundling layers and leave this one…that’s what it is meant for, to be worn outside and in.


Such a gorgeous pendant, it is so fabulous that it incorporates both of the gold and silver……for those of you who may feel uncomfortable doing the silver and gold, this is a great way to transition. Wear this necklace and your good to go with both your silver and gold jewelry, no questions asked!


Simply beautiful. Wear this dainty belt on top of a high waisted skirt with a blouse tucked in and you have created such a feminine yet simple outfit.

*I am envisioning it with a navy high waisted banded crepe skirt with a simple white blouse tucked in and the belt over the top of the skirt. *


This super chic lace cuff is a true piece of work. It has the button closure giving it an added detail and a little extra color. You can pair this with some nice gold bangles as well to spice it up a little bit and make it a bit more noticeable. So lovely and wearable…not the type of piece that will sit in your jewelry box unworn- that’s for sure!


WOW. This bolero couldn’t be any more gorgeous. With the green flowers woven through the gold lace it really gives it an elegant feel. It is so stunning worn over a formal maxi dress. It will only do unlimited bounds of good for any dress you decided to pair it with!

That’s all for now, I’ll be back next week for another round of Fashion with Michal

Have the most glamorous day! Michal

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Michal has always loved fashion since she was just a toddler. Growing up she always had a sense of style that was all her own. After attending Parson's, The New School For Design, she has now started a wardrobe styling/ personal shopping business called P.S. I Shop.Michal has a very unique sense of style and caters to her clients needs. She is also a personal shopper for Anthropologie in her spare time. Michal can be reached by emailing her at ishopmk@gmail.com and you can also follow her on her Facebook page called P.S. I Shop.

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  1. Esther says:

    Where can we find these pieces

  2. Tehilla says:

    I love every piece you have shown here; Your advice on how to wear them = so much fun!

  3. Michal says:

    Hi Esther! They are not all from the same place, was there any in particular that you wanted to know about?

  4. Malkie says:

    Great article! I’m loving that adorable belt! Where can I find it?!

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