Orange..My Color Love

This is my favorite color.

All the many things that I own in this color: I have a leather couch, my dining room chair cushions, my new chair that I upholstered myself, a pair of ballet flats, a pair of tights, a sweater dress, and a headband.

Obsessed? I think so.

Here is why….Orange is a color that has been in hiding for a long time and slowly but surely designers are starting to pull it out again for fall/ winter and into spring/ summer 2012. I am so psyched because it’s a color that is so new and exciting! It is not a typical color but if pair it with even the most simplest outfit it will give the outfit a fabulous pop! Orange is the type of color that once a person buys something in the color they will continue to wear it and continue to get compliments, as I said it is a color that has been reborn and reintroduced into people’s wardrobes. It is a color that was alive long ago but then died out and is coming back in many different shades from neon to burnt orange. It is alive again and I am loving it! Here are some fabulous but not overwhelming ways to wear the new and improved orange:


An easy throw on sweater with any color shirt underneath, or all the better- a streiped shirt underneath (did you know stripes go with everything act as if it is a plain shirt in either of the stripe colors, it always works and looks fab!)


Oh boy, do I love a pair of orange flats! They can be worn with literally anything, act as if they are a neutral


These colors could not be a more gorgeous combo, or try all orange ones. Or, if you want to tone them down a bit, pick one bold one and a few skinny regular gold bangles to go along with it. You won’t regret it!


I know that I am always looking for a new pencil skirt, wear them on your natural waist and you have got yourself the most flattering skirt you can imagine! Wear it with dark colors in the winter to keep a nice balance in the outfit and wear it with lighter colors in the summer.


It would be a bit impossible to go wrong with a pair of orange sunglasses, no matter how old or young you may be. They are so fun!


Another really easy and practical way to wear orange is this gorgeous sweater, no need to wear anything under it and pair it with any color bottom and you have an easy and simple throw-on outfit. Doesn’t get much better than that!


Loving this headband, it’s not to big and does just what it needs to do!


I couldn’t resist adding another pair of orange flats, they are just to amazing! Wear them to work or for casual everyday use..so cute!


Wear this simple dress out to a nice dinner or on one of those days that you just feel like getting dressed a bit nicer then yesterday…


If you are really daring….A piece of orange that will be with you at all times so you really gotta love the color!


Ladies- Go out and buy yourselves 1 nice orange item to add to your wardrobe, it will be your treat to yourself on the last night of Chanukah J

Tata until next week!

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Michal has always loved fashion since she was just a toddler. Growing up she always had a sense of style that was all her own. After attending Parson's, The New School For Design, she has now started a wardrobe styling/ personal shopping business called P.S. I Shop.Michal has a very unique sense of style and caters to her clients needs. She is also a personal shopper for Anthropologie in her spare time. Michal can be reached by emailing her at ishopmk@gmail.com and you can also follow her on her Facebook page called P.S. I Shop.

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  1. Tehilla says:

    LOOOVE the dress and the shoes. adorable.

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