The #1 Rule of Great Fashion -Keep Your Closet Neat!




One thing that I think all women love and dream of someday having is a fabulous walk-in closet. A closet with high bars for dresses and long skirts, low bars for short skirts and tops, and medium bars for the in- betweens. A closet with shelves to fit all the shoes a person must own J, A few drawers designated especially for jewelry, A beautiful large ottoman or bench in the middle to lay outfits out on and a gorgeous dainty chandelier directly on top. Well now that that was just a daydream…lets snap back into reality of the typical closet, some of us may have walk in closet or some may have just a regular single- bar non-walk-in closet.


Whatever the case may be, it is always so important to keep your closet neat and be able to maximize the space you have been granted to house your unique wardrobe.

Not only does a neat closet let you get the most out of your wardrobe, by having everything easily accessible for those days you are in a rush dressing to get to work, but when you can actually see what clothing you have, it is easier for you to get inspired and mix and match your already terrific pieces into completely new stylish ways!

A few steps to making things look a bit neater:

- Try to have a standard fold with everything folded

- Use the same standard hanger for all tops/ dresses and the same skirt hangers for all skirts/ bottoms

- Make everything face the same direction

- Any seasonal items that are not in use can be put in clear bins and placed in storage, why have it cluttering when it can be out of sight

- Try to pace everything out so you can get a clear view of what you have every time you look into your closet, that way it will be easier for you to see your old outfits and create new ones!

- If you really want to, you can color coordinate but that is just an added tip and completely unnecessary

I know the thought process of not wanting to give things away because it will come back in style because everything always does. But honestly, when an item hasn’t been worn in over a year, I think it’s time to let go. When it does come back in style, you’ll get a new one, there is nothing wrong with that! For now, it is just creating clutter and collecting dust, so toss it!


These are my all time favorite hangers and the number one change I make in any closet I see. I find that clothes rarely fall of these velvet slim line hangers and the amount of space each article of clothing takes up is reduced by nearly half. These Real Simple hangers are not only great because they don’t leave hanger marks on clothing but they also look very nice and uniform. Grab a package today and try them out- you won’t be disappointed with your purchase!


…And if you have a lot of scarves and belts these hangers work like a charm! Nothing slides out of them and they are able to hold so much!


A stunning ottoman… imagine laying out your outfit the night before on this subtle and simple ottoman. Place at the end of your bed until your walk- in closet comes around. When you wake up in the morning your outfit will have a certain glow to it and you will love getting dressed! “Try to enjoy getting dressed. It may be the only dedicated time for yourself all day!


So dreamy! And look how inviting this is, kind of makes you want to dress up everyday including a full face of makeup just to get use out of all the amenities.


Shoes that are worn most frequently should be easily accessible on lower shelves.
Store less-frequently worn shoes in protective clear shoe boxes so they’re out of the way — yet easy to spot when you need them. Switching your shoes between summer and winter is a great way to save space.


I always recommend a full length mirror in every closet, whether its hanging on the back of a door or on the floor, it is a must must must. Otherwise- how are you supposed to know if your shoes truly go with the outfit before you walk outside??

clip_image013 clip_image015 clip_image017

A super cute idea to keep necklaces in their original form and untangled- Buy a bunch of knobs in any array of color or style and screw them into the wall. Tada, you have an instant necklace holder that is so adorable the comments will be endless!

Just remember, “Try to enjoy getting dressed. It may be the only dedicated time for yourself all day!”. Which is why it is so special to make your closet/ dressing area as special as possible because it is the first thing you do in the morning and it will only reflect on how the rest of the day will be.

I hope you use a tip or two and enjoying getting dressed from here on in….

Till next Tuesday! Michal

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Michal has always loved fashion since she was just a toddler. Growing up she always had a sense of style that was all her own. After attending Parson's, The New School For Design, she has now started a wardrobe styling/ personal shopping business called P.S. I Shop.Michal has a very unique sense of style and caters to her clients needs. She is also a personal shopper for Anthropologie in her spare time. Michal can be reached by emailing her at ishopmk@gmail.com and you can also follow her on her Facebook page called P.S. I Shop.

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