The Miracle of Good Lighting

imageWe spend eight nights of Chanukah glorifying in the beauty of the Menorah in remembrance of the awesome miracle of Light. We sit in our darkened rooms reflecting in the soft glow of the Menorah overcome with a sense of tranquility and love for Hashem.

All it takes is that simple flicker of the candles glowing bright to enhance our festive mood and the recall for us the importance of Light.


We are proud of your homes. We spend time, effort and money picking out just the right end table, couch, kitchen counter top, bedroom set, bathroom fixture or appliance. We mull over countless paint chip colors and the perfect shade and  grade of carpet or tile selection that we know will be perfect in our home. Yet
something is missing, and we can’t always pin point what or why. What you might have over looked- The LIGHTING.

Yes illumination of your perfect room is that finishing touch that usually gets overlooked. Other than the obvious chandelier or table lamp most of us don’t give the way we can illuminate a room the proper thought that it deserves. Unless it’s too dark or too bright in the room we are in, many times lighting goes unnoticed, and is overlooked as being one of the best accessories a room can have that is both functional and beautiful.

There are two main types of lighting Ambient and Task.

These two types help built the overall feeling and illumination of your space. The key to good lighting
in any space or interior décor is making sure that both types of lighting complement each other and that both ambient and task lighting are present in the décor.


Ambient Lighting: Ambient lighting main purpose is to achieve a feeling and mood for your space. Some of the most efficient and finest way to accomplish this is by having lamps strategically placed around your room.

What is more inviting and beautiful than the soft glow of a beautiful lamp shade illuminated, throwing soft beams of diffused light across a room? Lamp Shades are a great way to have fun and accessorize your room, in a more modern space all the shades (few that are there) should be the same. In a more eclectic space, you can go wild and have different shades with patterns and shapes.

Designers know that lighting 101 in any room or space is to have your light source coming from different levels in the room. One of the tricks of the trade is to use can lights that we hide in corners of the room or in plants to cast shadows on the walls. There is nothing more appealing than to have something lit without directly seeing the actual light source.

When we talk about ambient lighting we are automatically referring to Accent Lighting.


Accent Lighting provides ways to focus attention on architectural or decorative aspects of a room. Many times in living room or dining room interiors, you might have a piece of art or heirloom that is intended to be a feature of that room, the best way to highlight is to put an accent light on it. This accent light is directed on your featured item drawing attention to the beauty of that personal treasure.


An illuminated wall niche or spotlights focused on a painting draw your eyes too these features as well. Track lighting or recessed “eyeball” style lighting can be used to illuminate interesting wall features or simply provide a wash of light across the painted surface.


A wall wash can be very dramatic in itself.
Another trick of the trade for designers is to make sure we have all our lights on dimmers. These dimmers are the perfect tool to create ambiance for a dinner party or cozy family get together.

Sconces another ambient accent light used in many interiors when put against the wall add light at eye level and cut the unpleasant glare that can come when the only light source in the room is from an overhead ceiling light.


Sconces can also be mounted on bookcases and on stairwells to illuminate features and give a source of needed light.


Knowing the general rules for good room lighting can make all the difference in how you feel and function in your private space.

Task Lighting: Task lighting is the basic overhead light that illuminates the room for
the sole function of lighting up your room adequately to use for the purpose the space is intended for. To achieve the task lighting for most spaces one must utilize overhead lighting, ensuring that it has enough wattage to brighten the area well.


In today’s market there are many options for style, when it comes to selecting your overhead fixture. Options range from modern sleek style to classic traditional with everything in between.

Next time you walk into a hotel lobby or restaurant notice how the task lighting is essential to create the function necessary for their public space, yet the actual fixture still enhances the panache of the decors style.

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Margalit Lankry has been a much sought after and successful Commercial & Residential Interior Designer for the last 20 years. Her love & unique eye for all things beautiful is evident in every space Margalit Lankry Designs has put their stamp on. To see some of her most recent commercial & residential work visit her at www.margalitlankrydesign.com In her free time, Margalit loves to indulge her passion and hobby for table decor,& party design. Recently her hobby as a food stylist & table design has been published in Ami Magazine, Binah Magazine, and The-At Home Gourmet cookbook .

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