Heels, Heels, Heels!


So yes heels can be crazy uncomfortable but…they can also work wonders!

Add a bit of height to anything and I promise, it will give the style a whole different feel. For short people, a bit of height can never hurt (I am short, I can sympathize) nor can it hurt a tall woman either.



Honestly, extra height makes you feel like you have dressed up in a way. It just gives a woman a boost of confidence then if she were to be wearing a pair of flats. My favorite everyday type of heel is a wedge because it’s not a heel which are a tad fancier and they are definitely more comfortable.

A neutral pair of booties/ boots and sandals wedges are a must in ever closet. Don’t get me wrong, there are wedges out there that are for formal but I feel they certainly dress down an outfit when they are worn in a formal setting.


And then there is the classic pump (another must- have in everyone’s closet).


They never go out of style and they go with everything. Wear them to work and then go out for dinner in them. For a pair of classics it is definitely worth the extra money spent to buy an expensive pair, because then again, they are a timeless investment…..Then there are the non-classic pumps which are just plain ol’ fun. Designers love going above and beyond, and to me a pair of wildly colored or uniquely shaped pumps adds such a different dimension to a formal outfit, it adds to the outfits formality but gives it a fun flare.


No matter how high or low the heel height is, every little bit counts and trust me the moment you put on a pair of shoes with some extra height with an outfit, the outfit instantly comes together. I went to an outfitting meeting in Philly a few months ago with a bunch of personal shoppers and one of the points that were continuously stressed was “put on a pair of heels with it and EVERYTHING will look better”.

I am not saying to wear heels or wedges everyday (I surely don’t) but to give yourself an extra boost of feeling really good and wanting to take on the day like a rockstar and rock those super cute heels and I guarantee you will feel the need to take on the day!

Now for my favorites…


Love love love. My favorite part about these is that the wedge won’t feel so high being that the front has a platform. The color is totally neutral and they can be worn with anything! I am also really enjoying the cris cross design in the front and tassle zipper in the back…..I would wear these through the summer and into the fall with a pair of tights (unique idea but yet so wearable at the same time)


Another fan favorite of mine being that I own these in the black. They are comfy and add a great flare to any outfit. Wear them now with a maxi skirt and bulky sweater and of course a pair of tights and your all set for this mild winter we are currently having.


How cute are these?? (yet again)…I love the neutral color. They have the tiniest little wedge but hey a wedge is a wedge J I have heard the complaint that ladies aren’t quite sure how to wear booties with skirts but quite frankly, wear it as you would any other boot and you are bound to look great.


Another wonderful summer wedge, yes it is on the high side but from my experience, Sam Edelman shoes are really comfy so I wanted to publicize these as well.


This grayish- brown lace-less oxford wedge is a great work shoe or a great Sunday shoe worn with a plain jean skirt and top. These shoes have a style all their own by mixing bootie, oxford, and wedge and placing them in one shoe. The results are phenomenal! Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!!

And now for the classics:


Gorgeous yet timeless. Enough said.


WOW!! A wild spin on a real classic. The heel starts off as a wedge and then morphes into a stiletto. The back detailing and the squared out peep toe is so different, you will be the only one at the party wearing these- guaranteed!


This pump’s style is a classic one, yet the pattern and back bow give it a “middle of the afternoon, summer BBQ event” feel. These shoes are also perfect for a formal summer day event with any little black dress or if you don’t feel comfortable mixing blue and black wear it with a short blue dress and you are sure to get some serious compliments.


Gotta love a good chunky heel with polka dots! The polka dots and scarf like bow in the back give these such a feminine touch while the chunky heel gives it a great balance of not being overly feminine. These are a definite neutral, can’t really go wrong with beige and black!

Enjoy the rest of your fantastic week!


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Michal has always loved fashion since she was just a toddler. Growing up she always had a sense of style that was all her own. After attending Parson's, The New School For Design, she has now started a wardrobe styling/ personal shopping business called P.S. I Shop.Michal has a very unique sense of style and caters to her clients needs. She is also a personal shopper for Anthropologie in her spare time. Michal can be reached by emailing her at ishopmk@gmail.com and you can also follow her on her Facebook page called P.S. I Shop.

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  1. Fashion-isha says:

    Love the last pair…do you know where I can get them??

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