Tres Chic Pre-Fall 2012: Modest Clothing the HOT NEW Trend!

Yesterday I had been given the opportunity to go to a LIVE taping of FashionSociete.com & Jerselycious Workshop on Hair & Makeup. But alas, my 2 year old was still quite sick and I felt kinda wrong leaving her for 8 hours just so I could go have some glam fashion fun. Oh well, next time…

Instead I decided to  get my Tuesday Fashion Fix and searched the mags and sights to see what some of my favorite Fashion Designers have in store for the upcoming Pre-fall 2012 Season. (I know it is very confusing we seem to always be a year and a season ahead in Fashion) 

HAPPY DAYS are here my Tres Chic Modest Dressing Fashionistas – It seems that the designers have finally all gotten our memo – Elbows & Knees need to be COVERED – because with the latest look-books of the pre-fall 2012 season – Designers like Stella McCartney and Nina Ricci are rockin the Modest Dress with some GORGEOUS clothing – all of them with a hint of inspiration taken from the 40’s. 50’s and early 60’s!

It is going to be a blast shopping next season girls!!!

Here are some of my Favorites of the PRE-FALL 2012 LOOKS:


Stella McCartney Pre-Fall 2012


Remember the Argyle Sweater – Well it’s back in a BIG WAY!  Notice the skirt length – right below the knee! Also Love the Brown Boots with the Black Ensemble.

Notice the makeup trend – Nude face and lips – everything is toned down

Nina Ricci Pre-Fall 2012


Again the skirt is just below the knee. Fur accent is here to stay  and the demure sweater with jeweled details completes this elegant, classic and refined look


More Nina Ricci Pre-fall 2012 Trend: Print on Print, 40’s inspired mini shoulder puff sleeve, more Knee Length Skirts & Gorgeous Detailing – here it feathers on the bottom of this printed skirt. Makeup is also that 40’s – 50;s red lips and red nails.

N°21 Pre-Fall 2012

Sweater Suit STYLE: It is all about the Dressing Like A CLASSY DAME

Shoe Trend Watch: Elegant Narrow Shape with Design Details



Barbara Bui Pre-Fall

What I love about this collections, is the designers NO FEAR of playing with her skirts hem line. Again the skirt covers the knee but the abstract cut of the skirt, shorter in the front/longer in the back makes for a stunning look. She is also playing with her browns and blacks and the hottest 2012 FALL TREND COLOR – CRANBERRY!






1. Don’t be AFRAID to accessorize with CHUNKY  JEWLERY that is LAYERED & has that great VINTAGE FEEL

2. Its all about MIX N MATCH with PRINTS & PATTERNS




Next week MICHAL K. will be back with her terrific Style Advice! YAY!

Thank you for indulging me my Fashion FIX Cravings – it has been a blast! Its always fun to come outta the kitchen every once and awhile!

<3 Sarah

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  1. Jamie Geller says:

    Sarah – forgive me for being so late to the party but until we spoke last night at KFWE and I came to your site today I didn’t know your talents beyond the food arena – I love you flair for fashion, flowers, design and lifestyle – very inspiring!

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