Crave-worthy Closets!

Is it just me or do you also feel like you never have enough closet space? No matter how big our closets are we just acquire so much! I recently spent a few days (couple hours here and there throughout a week) cleaning and sifting out my closet and reorganizing everything!

I have a special place for scarves, costume jewelry, hats, accessories, shoes, and of course all the hanging clothing and folded garb.  When I walk into my closet now I feel a sense of relaxation and zen. I know just where everything is. There is no dust accumulating on my shoe boxes…I don’t have to rummage through everything to find the one belt I was looking for etc.

Give yourself a free gift and clean out just 1 closet in your home. It can be a small pantry in your kitchen or your entire clothing closet! Trust me, after your hard work you will feel so clear and you will enjoy a clutter free space.

Here are some fantastic closet spaces that give me inspiration. Besides the beautiful designs of each space, the most important aspect of all these closets is that they are organized and clean!!!

Some majorly organized pantry:

Some Amazingly organized and beautiful closets:

Have a terrific week!!
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Marissa of Interiors by Marissa, LLC is an alumnus of the prestigious New York School of Interior Design. Marissa designs traditional and contemporary designs which reflect the clients’ personality and lifestyle. She works hand in hand with her clients- through space planning, color theory, and furniture and fabric selections, etc. Marissa’s designs always add whimsy and eclecticism into her comfortable, beautiful rooms. She believes that a successful home has a mix of depth and history from the past yet a keen eye for comfort and quality. One of Marissa’s other passions, besides actually designing all aspects of the home, is writing about home design and lifestyle. She currently loves spending time reading up on good design tips and scouring through home décor books and magazines and pulling out great ideas and adding her own spin onto well known home design ideas. To get in touch with Interiors by Marissa, LLC or to ask any lifestyle/home design questions or comments please email Marissa at interiorsbymarissallc@gmail.com

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  1. Alissa says:

    This is just way toooooo organized!

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