The Perfect Seder Table Accessory – The Pesach Pillow

So Pesach is looming and we are just now getting busy starting to clean and prep for the upcoming holiday.

Thoughts of setting our seder table hasn’t even entered our minds yet! -But here at kosherstreet we have a great idea for your Seder Table  – courtesy of Esther Ottensoser the creative genius behind the ultimate table accessory for this years Seder – The Pesach Seder Pillow!

BEFORE -mismatched chaos

another great table tip from us at kosherstreet.com :)

This year put some “Seder” to your Seder!

By Esther Ottensosoer
It’s something that always struck me as funny. The Seder Table adorned with a pristine white table cloth, the freshly polished silver glistening, everyone standing around in their new Yom Tov finery – and then there’s the pillow cases. From the boys room the brown and blue scooby doo, from the girls room the pink floral, from the guestroom the old camp linen, you get the idea!
A little investigation did not really solve the issue for me. Sure there was a concept of seder pillow cases, but they were all high end intended strictly for the use of the head of the Seder, keeping the rest of the participants leaning on Hello Kitty and off color plaids.
Enter Eshtetique Seder Pillowcases. Drawing on more than a decade of experience designing decorative pillows, I have begun to manufacture a classy, yet affordable pillowcase that’s perfect for all of your Seder participants. These pillowcases wash beautifully, and are sure to become part of your Seder decor year after year!


Going away for Yom Tov? These pillowcases are a perfect gift.
They are available in three colors: silver, taupe, and metallic gold/silver
They are available in many Judaic/Linen/gift stores, including (but not limited to) Eichler’s, Elegant Linen, Brach’s Linen, Hostess International, Luxury Linen,  Merkaz Seforim (Monsey) Judaica Plaza (Lakewood) Shabsi’s (Baltimore) and is sold generally between 24 and 27 dollars.
For wholesale information please email @ esthetiquepillows@gmail.com

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About the Author

For the last 8 years Sarah Lasry has been the heart and soul of the successful and celebrated Tastebuds Gourmet Café & Flower Shop in Howell, NJ. Sarah opened and ran Tastebuds to much critical appraise for her unique approach to delicious, kosher gourmet cooking as well as her legendary parties, original style and artistic culinary flair. In 2006 Sarah wrote the acclaimed bestselling cookbook “THE DAIRY GOURMET” which revealed all the secret recipes of Tastebuds Café. With much anticipation from her many fans and fellow foodies, Sarah’s brand new cookbook “THE AT HOME GOURMET” just hit the stores with high praise and reviews. Sarah currently resides in Lakewood, NJ where she has recently left the restaurant business to concentrate on her passion for writing cookbooks and is hard at work as the Food and Home contributing editor for Binah Magazine and www. Kosherstreet.com.

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  1. Leah says:

    Those pillows are great!! and beautiful! we had them last year and really enjoyed them!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Well kosherstreet.com is going to be giving away 2 of those pillows courtesy of Esther -So make sure you enter our contest by commenting on this post and liking kosher street on facebook! or enter by emailing us pillow contest@kosherstreet.com

  3. your niece says:

    they are great love them

  4. Shayndy says:

    They look beautiful! Beauty + wash well = a winner!

  5. Lisa says:

    i love the metallic silver one – so pretty!

  6. Ashley Azzopardi says:

    I would love to win these for our new home we will be moving into when we get back to Colorado (another 4yr active duty tour)!! These would be a great way to make our home feel more “homey.”-especially for our 4 children.:)
    -shalom mishpacha :)

  7. Daveda says:

    Love these pillows – especially the silver ones. I remember making one in school many years ago. Chag Kasher v’Sameach!

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