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Hi All!

I wanted to give you all a simple moment of beauty and pleasure amidst these final chaotic days leading up to Pesach. I am deviating from the straight up interior design path this week and focusing on tablescapes.

Accessorizing and setting up your table beautifully for the Yom Tov is an act that will raise the feeling of excitement and magnificence for the holiday.

There are a few things I love about setting a table. Firstly, you can totally change the look of your dining room by the way you design your table. Secondly, you do not have to spend a lot of money! You can use flea market/variety store finds, reuse old junk from around your home, or send your kids to “pick out” natural accessories from the outdoors.

Designer Tips when Setting a Table:

  1. Name Cards for guests are so chic and so easy to do on the computer or even handwritten
  2. Small presents for each and every guest- does not have to be an expensive or large gift but rather something with meaning and that looks pretty on the table (this is a tradition in my family that my amazing mother incorporates into each and every Yom Tov)
  3. Have fun with runners/place mats in a bold pattern from your local fabric store. Lay on top of your solid table cloth.
  4. Flowers are not the only way to decorate your table- think out of the box and use contrasting sizes of different bowls, vases, and even picture frames!
  5. However you decide to decorate your holiday table remember that it should not be stressful or a burden on you and have fun doing it! If it is too hectic for you then pass the table decorating onto a relative or guest that is coming and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

From classically traditional to organic and modern tablescapes, I am sure these pictures will give you inspiration and ideas to reincarnate your own fabulous masterpieces!

Modern, fresh, lovely and so easy to recreate.

(image via http://www.cocokelley.blogspot.com/)

Spring green colored overlapping ribbons in contrasting shades and sizes really bring the floral centerpiece and the entire table to life. The ribbons are so genius and inexpensive. (image via pinterest.com)

Silver tables, chairs, and linens with hot pink flower arrangement and accents- fun and beautiful!

I would explain that just like the comfort of a little black dress is to a woman, so too, a classic white tablescape can never be wrong!  (image via Housebeautiful.com)
How crisp and elegant is this simple no frills “just picked from the garden” bouquet and table?
(image via www.stylemepretty.com)
Mix and match floral arrangements with bowls of moss balls or even (my personal fave) glass vases of lemons and limes.
(image via http://www.desiretoinspire.net/)
Burlap fabric and sunny yellow flowers- HELLO beautiful!

(image via ruffledblog.com)Mail

“Make the most of your Money” centerpieces- spread out your flowers in thin necked vases and create a modern look.
(image via Marthastewartweddings.com)

Why not DIY? Take some leftover wood from your winter fireplace and turn it into a vase! Be creative! (image via www.divinetablescapedivas.com/)

Soooooo my style!!!!! Maybe a bit too feminine for the Pesach Seder but so many ideas to derive from this tablescape- the kelly green runner in the center, the different textures of the pink tulips, peonies, and roses, the small candle votives…    (image via Pinterest.com)

Here are some clever and adorable name cards:

Use leftover paint swatches- how fun!   (image via pinterest.com)

How about your old corks? Great idea!   (image via pinterest.com)
Mini faux topiary name cards (image via marthastewart.com)

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Marissa of Interiors by Marissa, LLC is an alumnus of the prestigious New York School of Interior Design. Marissa designs traditional and contemporary designs which reflect the clients’ personality and lifestyle. She works hand in hand with her clients- through space planning, color theory, and furniture and fabric selections, etc. Marissa’s designs always add whimsy and eclecticism into her comfortable, beautiful rooms. She believes that a successful home has a mix of depth and history from the past yet a keen eye for comfort and quality. One of Marissa’s other passions, besides actually designing all aspects of the home, is writing about home design and lifestyle. She currently loves spending time reading up on good design tips and scouring through home décor books and magazines and pulling out great ideas and adding her own spin onto well known home design ideas. To get in touch with Interiors by Marissa, LLC or to ask any lifestyle/home design questions or comments please email Marissa at interiorsbymarissallc@gmail.com

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  1. Ruchie says:

    Beautiful photos but, no offense, none are really appropriate for a Pesach seder. Shavuos, maybe!

    • admin says:

      Ruchie really ? I think the pics are meant for insperation and they certainly do that – love love the ribbon table – totally gonna copy- Pesach & shavous ! :)
      But I can appreciate ur comments an thanks for loving Kosherstreet!

      Chag Kasher v Samech! Sarah

  2. Deedee says:

    Fab pics as usual! I love how flowers look with the silver from the Seder plates and the bechers.
    Chag Sameach gut yuntif to you

  3. Deedee says:

    Also great idea with the cork place card holders. I will do it for the second days after using all the wine from the sedarim. Brilliant and Eco friendly . You are the best and most talented Marissa

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