Chanukah Party Idea Part II: Make Your Own Candy Bar


One of my favorite party trends to come on the scene, is the candy bar. Amy Atlas is a master and I love to read her blog, last year she inspired me to make my own for Chanukah!  It is really not as hard or as expensive as it looks. Once you pick your color scheme and get all your supplies in order , the creative fun is endless.

Last year as I was prepping for my daughters 1st birthday party, she conveniently swallowed her earring during her bath and we ended up in the hospital overnight.  But thankfully the earring was found, all is well and despite all the drama, I was able to pull off a candy bar and a Happy Birthday with really no sweat!

Here are some pictures of her event – Ignore the wrong date on the camera – I can never figure that out!!



The kids and the ADULTS loved it, and I highly recommend trying it for this years Chanukah Party!


Make Your Own Candy Bar

With the help of Margalit Lankry and EstiPhotography – Here is what we did for Binah Magazine last year!


1. Cupcake toppers: Cut different designs and shapes from
scrapbooking paper. We used letter stickers, white lollipop stick s,
and glue dots to achieve the overall look, and then inserted them
in our mini cupcakes.


2. Do-it-yourself cupcake wrappers: Create these terrific
and festive cupcake wrappers out of strips of scrapbooking paper.
Cut curved strips 2½ to 3 inches wide, form a circle, staple the
ends, and slip the cupcake inside (for decorative papers, visit


3. Gift boxes: For great visual effect, line up these decorative
gift boxes on your candy bar table. You can find the gift boxes in
a range of colors and use ribbon in your accent color to pull the
whole look together.


4. Elevated sideboard: Once again, we created height with a
beautiful DIY sideboard. Cover a piece of plywood with fabric,
wrapping it tightly and securing it with decorative nail heads. We
used a 5′ x 12″ board (Lowe’s, $6 ) wrapped with 2 yards of fabric
(Stitch N’ Sew, $4.99/yd) and placed black soup bowls
underneath the sideboard for height.


5. Table setting: To achieve our look,we kept things simple, fresh, and modern.
We used white serving pieces, glass jars,and cake plates (for inexpensive white
serving pieces, visit kayaccollections.com).For some height and cool embellishment,
we turned stemmed glasses upside down and used them as a base for our mini cupcake plate.

Tip: Look around your house for glasses, vases, and votive holders – all great
items to use as bases and containers for your buffet.



6. Accent decorations: A great way to highlight your accent
color or main color is to use colored ribbons. Simply tied ribbons
in different shades and widths add a touch of sophistication to
our glass jars, with glue dots underneath to keep them in place.
Add a pretty label for practical and decorative purposes.


7. Candy bar menu: Keeping to our theme of blue and white, we choose sweets
that came in those colors. Our local candy store had everything – chocolate lentils,
gumballs, marshmallows, jelly beans, and mints – in our colors.

8. Sweet creations: Make your own candy confections! We took
marshmallows, coated them in melted white chocolate, dipped them into blue and
white sprinkles, and stuck them on a lollipop stick for a great new candy bite. We
also baked cupcakes in mini and regular tins and iced them with white royal icing. Then  decorated them with blue sprinkles, white candy crystals, or edible blue glitter,
adding just the right flavors and substance textures to our display.



9. Party favors: A great host never lets her guests go home
hungry or empty-handed. Our gift boxes serve a dual purpose:
not only do they make a great visual accent, guests can fill them
up with leftover candy and chocolates and take them home as a
reminder of the wonderful party.

Tip: Use 8 oz. cans wrapped in ribbon instead of bowls.


When it comes to creating your candy bar,

sticking to a few colors (or even one) leads to a

stronger visual impact. Nonetheless, a multi-color

candy and cake display will taste every bit as

good, and delight guests as well!




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