Super Easy Last-Minute DIY Purim Costumes Ideas for your Kids


Ever since I was a kid going to the Purim Carnival’s that my elementary school threw, my PURIM COSTUME was a project that I was obsessed with. Never wanting to be the typical Queen Esther or the pretty Kallah (bride), my determination to come up with the most innovative  and out of the box costume was a very serious business in my house the week before Purim.  To say the least, I drove my mother BONKERS.

Because my mother really did not see my urgent need-for the BEST COSTUME EVER, she normally did not cave into our whining demands and buy my siblings and I, off –the-rack costumes, you find all over the stores these days. NO, in the Lasry household it was DIY all the way. I think my mothers motto was, “if you can use your imagination to think it up, you can use your hands and brain to create it!”  ( she normally didn’t give us more than $10 for supplies)

So, I have many a memory of going thru every closet in the house, collecting my “materials” for some really cool costumes I made as a kid. I even won my 4th grade year in Yeshiva Dov Revel, best costume!

That year I was a Hawaiian Punch Juice Box – a leftover box from my buildings incinerator room, some paint and a quakers oat can as the straw – and one of my proudest moments in life thus far was accomplished!

Warning to Parents: it seems that what your kid is into during their pre-teen years, may roll over to adult hood.  I say this with the knowledge that I am still pretty obsessed every year with what I am going to wear for Purim!  (I think I have genetically passed this down to my 2 year old as well)

So this year I have decided that my Tunie B. will be a Dalmatian puppy and because of the crazy things that have gone through lately in my life – I decided to be Cruella De’ville (my motto for the day – if you cant fight them – join them  – LOL – my own private joke!)

Now for those who say I could have bought a Dalmatian costume for about $25, your right.  I could have and believe that is a perfectly great option if you so choose.

But this for me was more fun and creative, got me into the Purim spirit and I am a believer that every penny saved is a penny earned! Not to mention that my Tunie is so much happier twirling her polka dot skirt than she would be zipped up into a store bought costume.

Here is what I did for about $15 for Tunie: really so very easy to recreate for boy as well – Just do the opposite if you want (dress him in black and stick or draw white circles and pom poms all over)



note: – this is still a work in progress – and I will post the final look after purim – but you can see the jist of it from these pic I took with my iPhone

Materials you will need:

White long sleeve onesie (free – stole a slightly small one from her closet)

White Tutu ($6 in Wal-Mart)

White Tights (had in the closet)

1 Bag of Black pom poms (Michaels $1.99)

2 black sparkle sticky foam boards (Michaels$.79 each)

2 packages of black glitter circle stickers (Michaels $1.49 on clearance)

1 large black furry pipe cleaner (Michaels $2.99)

scissor, black thread or fabric glue, black permanent marker


Step one: Cut out circles from your foam boards – I used a Martha Stewart paper cutter that I had at home – but a regular scissor would work perfectly as well. If you want to keep the skirt for future wear, than just stick on the circles using the sticky back of the foam board. But for added security and permanent stay, use some fabric glue to adhere the circles onto the skirt.


Step two: Sew or glue the black pom poms all over the onsie (disperse as you see fit all over the shirt)


Step 3: Use the little black stickers to add more dimension to the Dalmatian dots and intermittently stick them all over both the skirt and the shirt. To save money or for easier application – just draw these smaller circles using your black permanent marker

Step 4: Take the marker and draw the circles in various sizes on the tights.

Step 5: Wrap the long pipe cleaner around waist  creating a tail in the back.


Since my Tunie refuses to wear any type of head band on her head – I have a very large black bow barette that I will put in her hair and puff up – to simulate the ears. Otherwise I would use the leftover pipe cleaner to make the ears.


Here are some great DIY costumes that I have found on the web that look very easy to recreate for your kid this year.


Spaghetti & Meatballs (this was choice #2 for our costume this year – maybe next year)





Monkey Business ( cute for a boy or a girl)




Sesame Characters (another contender for this year’s Purim Costume)

This one is a made to order costume that I thought would be very easy to recreate  – just buy some colored tule and ribbon (some glue or if you sew – an easy wrap around one seam design with a gathered top) and some felt, scissor’s and more fabric glue – a great costume idea! Add some colored tights or pants and a long sleeve t – you have a great girls or boys costume.



The Coffee Drinkers: Starbuks Style Family

(another great costume that looks pretty easy to make – love love this one to!)




The Sushi Generation: (this one just makes me laugh and I think would be great for big kids as well – the web site has some great ideas for costume pairing for the whole family)




For more great costume DIY ideas for both adult and kids follow me on pinterest.com – I am constantly updating my great finds and faves.

As you can see Dressing up on Purim is something I hold sacred and even though I am 38 it is never to late or gets too old to join in the ADAR fun!

So what are you wearing this year? – I would love to know and see some pics – please send them in to me Sarah@kosherstreet.com – There might just be a prize to go with the best costumes…..stay tuned for my fantastic Purim Costume Photo Giveaway!

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