# 5 Shurtape Metal Repair Tape

Why:Better than masking tape, this aluminum foil-backed tape sticks to any
surface and is a great practical way to tape down your kitchen counters for

What we love: The outside face of the tape is pure durable aluminum foil.You can cover the entire surface of your kitchen counter in this tape for astainless-steel look. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about ruining the surface during Pesach, by placing hot objects or cutting on it. And after Pesach, it’s pretty easy to remove.

Use: Cover the entire surface of your kitchen counter in this tape for a stainless steel look.

Cons: It is aluminum foil, and if you don’t wear gloves when you’re applying it,you can knick and cut your hands. It only works on hard, dry surfaces, like marble, granite, Formica, and wood. Do not use totape inside your sink.

Where to buy: Lowe’s or Home Depot, $7.58 for 50 yds.

Tip: When you peel the backing off, you can tell this tape is going to stick. Peeling

back about a foot at a time makes it easy to work with.

# 4 Rubber Bands

Why: This super cheap office supply isa handy tool to take care of many things

you need to do on Pesach.

Why we love: Rubber bands are better than tape or string to keep your

kitchen cabinets closed. Just loop the bands around the knobs in a figure 8.

Use: Close up plastic bags of all kinds — chips, raisins, nuts, frozen vegetables,


Where to buy: any office supply store or general store, $1 for 20

Tip: If you have limited storage space for cutlery, group together your non-Pesachdig knives, forks, etc. with rubber

bands, and store in plastic bags in a cabinet or closet, freeing up your kitchen drawers for Pesach items.

# 3 KosherKeepers® Labeled Plastic Food

Storage Containers

Why: Easily stackable and clearly labeled plastic food storage.

What we love: No more looking in cabinets for the covers that match your

containers. All tops fit every size container, and the labeling helps keep things kosher.

They are relatively strong, wash well by hand, and can last from Pesach to Pesach.

Use: These plastic storage containers are color coded and clearly marked as dairy, meat, or pareve, and each set comes with a

variety of sizes.

Cons: Not really microwave or dishwasher safe — we’ve found that after using in either machine the covers warp

and do not fit the containers well.

# 2 Mini Refrigerator

Why: Great compact storage for perishables, pre-Pesach, during

Pesach, and post-Pesach.

What we love: An extra fridge makes life easier in the kitchen, but

not everyone has space for an additional full-size refrigerator. The

Frigidaire 1.6-cu. ft. compact refrigerator, on the other hand, can

be stored at the bottom of a closet or in the attic when not in use.

Use: When prepping for Pesach, you have extra cold storage space for perishables. During Pesach, use the

space for leftovers and cold drinks.

Con: Mini fridges’ temperature regulation tends to be a bit inaccurate.

Where to buy: Lowe’s, $59

Some of our Favorite Things to do with a compact refrigerator after Pesach:

• Use as a guestroom mini bar

• Create a cold drinks station for the

upstairs of your house

• Place it in the baby’s room for

bottles and drinks for baby and  mother

#1 SoftWalk San Marcos Slipper

Why: All our hard work to make  the best Pesach ever, our feet are killing.

This slipper is the key to pampering your tired feet. Wear them while you clean and you will feel less tired – I promise!

What we love: The inner cushions make it feel like we are floating on air

when we walk. Truly the most comfortable slipper that we have ever

put on our feet!

Use: The soft suede lining wicks away moisture, keeping feet cool and dry. Patented “eggcrate” construction

features constant air flow technology and is naturally contoured to cradle your feet. Durable and well made, they last for

quite a number of years.

Con: They’re not the most stylish — but who cares? We’re wearing them in the house! In fact, they’re so popular and

in demand that they are nearly sold out around the country. New shipments coming in right before Pesach.

Where to buy: www.softwalkshoes.com special coupon for kosherstreet.com costumers till April 30, 2011 – FOR FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING!

just use this source code SWFREESHIP

Other Kosherstreet.com Favorites for the Pesach kitchen transition:

  • Reynolds Heavy-Duty Aluminum Foil
    Corrugated Plastic Board (Lowe’s)
    Flow Contemporary Spillproof Tablecloth (www.overstock.com, $18.99)
    Plastic Table Liners
    Ziploc Bags
    Disposable Latex Gloves (powder-free)
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  1. Daniela says:

    Oh wow that foil-tape looks really interesting … I have never seen it here in Israel and I wonder if it will make it “across the pond” any time soon.


    • admin says:

      Hi –

      I am not sure if that particular brand is available in Israel -but I do believe I saw something similar once in a hardware store in yerushalyim – it might be worth a try to look – good luck :)

  2. prag says:

    Great list, I’ve been thinking of perhaps getting a pre-pessach fridge!

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