Rosh Hashanah Apple Cup Cakes

Hey KS Fans,

I am so excited to introduce you to our new Kosherstreet expert – Miriam Konigsberg or the person I like to call the “krafty mom who knows”!!

Miriam is my go-to person for great ideas for the kids & home, that she has discovered or created

on her own and she has been finally convinced to share it all with us here on kosherstreet! Yay!!

So check out her very cool apple cupcakes that she made as a treat for her kids this Rosh Hashanah !

I think personally – this is a really fun and creative way to “bribe” your kids from the youngest to the oldest to occupy themselves nicely while mommy gets all her Holiday prep finished this year!

;) Sarah

Apple Cupcakes
by Miriam K.
what you’ll need
favorite cupcake batter
red cupcake liners
vanilla frosting
red food coloring
red sugar crystals
mini donuts cut in half
pretzel sticks
green sour belts
1)make your favorite cupcakes and let cool
2)mix vanilla frosting with red dye to get nice red
3)spread some frosting on cupcake and place half donut on top
4)put in freezer for 10 minutes
5)spread frosting all over and dip into sugar crystals to fully coat
6)place pretzel in middle to look like stem
7)cut out leaf shape in sour belt, dip in frosting and place near stem


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About the Author

Miriam K. is your typical Jewish Mom who loves to be creative in her home and with her family. With a knack for creating & finding some of the coolest and inventive ideas for your home, Miriam has earned her reputation as the "mom who knows"!

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  1. Elisheva says:

    This is the cutest thing! Looks delicious! Now, can you figure out a way to make an apple look like a cupcake? :)

  2. Rivki Locker says:

    This is SO clever. Maybe we’ll get ambitious and try this.

  3. Sylvia Davis says:

    Have a good recipe for short ribs thanks

  4. Sylvia Davis says:

    recipe for short ribs thanks

  5. gitty wiesel says:

    Where do you come up with these great ideas. Very creative. My granddaughter love it

  6. esti says:

    love this! I think I’ll make some more honey cupcakes so my kids can make these.

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