Plastic Cup Chandelier: How to make your own Incredible Light Fixture for Your Sukkah this Year!

 Hey KS Fans,

Now that Yom Kippur is behind us, thoughts of Succos and all that it entails are on our minds. This year Miriam K has shared with us at KS one of the most incredible AND EASY projects I have ever seen. I was a bit skeptical at first but ……….In person it is as wonderful and amazing as it seems, I just wish I had a sukkah this year to  hang it in – I am SOOO doing it for next year though! – If you and your kids want a great Succas project to do this Sunday that will be truly useful and AWESOME – try this light fixture one and take pictures for us to see!!!

Have a Chag Sameach!



Plastic Cup Chandelier:  

How-to make your own Incredible LIght Fixture for Your Sukkah This Year!

By Miriam Konigsberg

Hey guys, I’m so excited to share with you a chic and modern decoration for your succah that is not only budget friendly but kid friendly too.

 you will need
120+ plastic disposable cups (8or9oz) (not flimsy ones)
good stapler with alot of extra staples
extension cord 

Bulb (any color) and Lamp Socket Adapters  1-2 Sticks to insert threw the middle and tie your extension cord around to hold it up

(Use 1-2 1/4-inch dowels or any stick, I used a stick from an old set of window blinds)


Be sure to use a compact fluorescent bulb in your new fixture (incandescents are flammable).



Step 1: tape cups together forming a circle to give yourself a base to work with.

Step 2:staple cups together till a complete circle is formed and it can now rest on its own

Step 3:start to staple the next row by stapling the cup to the previous row in the valley between the two cups and staple the cups that are next to each other together.

Step 4:continue the process till you have half a dome. Flip over and do the same but leave room on the top to insert light for the fixture.

Step 5:Next Take your extension cord and make a knot in it and plug in the Lamp Socket Adapters

Step 6:Then take your thin stick and put it threw the middle of the cup ball from end to end and go threw the knot you made in the extension cord so that it will hold up the ball.

Hang and enjoy!

Using a black light bulb for a cool light affect


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About the Author

Miriam K. is your typical Jewish Mom who loves to be creative in her home and with her family. With a knack for creating & finding some of the coolest and inventive ideas for your home, Miriam has earned her reputation as the "mom who knows"!

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  1. Fashion-isha says:

    oh wow this is fabulous! I acutally saw one like this in Manhattan and forgot about it. LOVE IT!!

  2. Sharon O says:

    My kids are having a blast putting this chandelier together! Thanks for the awesome idea, and for keeping em busy on this looooooooooooong sunday!

  3. Rivki Locker says:

    This is fantastic. Bookmarking this for next year (too late for this year – or maybe I’m just too tired out from all the cooking :) )

  4. Gabi says:

    I’m trying to make this, but it’s not working! I’ve got 25 cups in my original circle, but then there’s 25 valleys between each cup as well, so the next layer has the same amount of cups! I’ve already done 3 layers and they all have the same amount of cups and aren’t turning into a dome! What am I doing wrong? Please help!

    • admin says:

      Try to make sure each cup is set back from the one below and the shape of the cup should make the angel you need to create the dome send us a pic so we can further help. Your plastic cups are they the standard v ish shape?

  5. Deena Tagger says:

    i made it, and i love it. only that i used the wrong type of cups, they crack. so i am having trouble hanging it… dunno what to do!

  6. Sharon O says:

    This project was a #1 hit!!! How can I email you a pic of our kewl chandelier? We bought a blinking light bulb – changes colors as it flashes! Was such a hit a bunch of kids in my sons class made it, so did a few of our neighbors! Thanks soooo much – keep these creative (do-able) projects coming!!!

  7. rifky says:

    doesn’t the bulb heat the cups and possibly create a fire?

  8. Esther says:

    Hi, I write a weekly column for kids in the aim magazine. I love this idea and would love to publish it for a succah decorating column. Would you allow me to use it provided I give proper credit to you, the author and website? I would also like to use your pics if you have any in hi resolution. Otherwise I will have to complete the project myself and do it.Please contact me via my email address above. Thanks.

  9. esti reichman says:

    love this idea, but can you please clarify the stick/dowel? when you insert it from end to end should it stick out? is the dowel to suspend the light inside the ball? how does it hang?

  10. esti says:

    please clarify what to do with the dowel. does it stick out of either end or is it hidden in the ball just to stabilize the light and then the rest of the cord feeds through the top of the ball? is it hung by the extension cord?

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