Costumes – Costumes & Some more Costumes -Purim 2014 Fun!

Boy do I love Purim and every aspect of it -  Megillah reading down to the clean up after the Seudah – really!,

But for some reason every year I have insomina the night before. Maybe it’s all the action and fun happening outside , the constant influx of “high -on-life” tzdakah collectors in my living room, the slight chaos of packing my Mishloach Manot and checking my list twice, or it could be my growing excitement for the fun day ahead – AND THE COSTUME I WILL WEAR!

I admit it. I am a Purim Geek. I love to dress up and I insist that my husband and child follow suit (no arguments please). It’s the once a year that the child in me just has to come out and play. Now  unfortunately, I do not really have too much time to devote to the prepping and configuring of my costume each year. Usually, I think of a theme about a week or two before, change it 300 times depending on what I can find to make or buy for the mishloach manot, and then I think again – take in consideration my husbands cooperativeness and then only do I come up with a plan. Lucky for me (and my husband) I am pretty inventive and have a houseful of  costume paraphernalia collected over the years when I was Drama Head in Camp and School. Not to mention last minute trips to costume closeout stores and walmart :)

But whatever I come up with – I wear with pride – and Yes some years have been more spectacular than others – but a blast was had each time.  I am putting pictures of me and my husband (we were from the 70′s – my husband did the wig only – he didn’t quite fit in the bell bottom jeans that I had originally planned – they were way way to short – my bad  ) and my daughter Tunie (she was our chick – she refused to wear her 70′s costume I had put together so this was a last minute  -hanging-in-her-closet-alternative).

The rest o the pics are of friends, family and random pics of great costumes I saw walking in the streets – Enjoy! – And I would love to see some of my kosherstreet.com fans Purim Pics – So please e-mail them (purim (at) kosherstreet.com ) and we will post them!

till next year…..

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For the last 8 years Sarah Lasry has been the heart and soul of the successful and celebrated Tastebuds Gourmet Café & Flower Shop in Howell, NJ. Sarah opened and ran Tastebuds to much critical appraise for her unique approach to delicious, kosher gourmet cooking as well as her legendary parties, original style and artistic culinary flair. In 2006 Sarah wrote the acclaimed bestselling cookbook “THE DAIRY GOURMET” which revealed all the secret recipes of Tastebuds Café. With much anticipation from her many fans and fellow foodies, Sarah’s brand new cookbook “THE AT HOME GOURMET” just hit the stores with high praise and reviews. Sarah currently resides in Lakewood, NJ where she has recently left the restaurant business to concentrate on her passion for writing cookbooks and is hard at work as the Food and Home contributing editor for Binah Magazine and www. Kosherstreet.com.

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  1. Daniela says:

    Cute little chick:)
    And the 3 legged guy is really well done …little spooky but great job to him


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