Kosherstreet as a value added bonus for being part of our community is offering this amazing deal in wave and square styles.

Kosher street is giving you this product this week only So stock up and save big. In return for giving you this great deal all we ask is to spread the word about or site. :-)

Sold by the case only – Each case has 120 units -12 packs of 10- Shipping is about 6 bucks a case

 The Wave Collection Below  -  Click here for The Square Collection

Bone 10″ Dinner Plate-$59.99

Bone 8″ Salad Plate-$44.99


Bone 7″ Dessert Plate- $34.99


Bone Soup Bowl- $34.99

Silver 10″ Dinner Plate-$59.99


Silver 8″ Salad Plate-$44.99

Silver 7″ Dessert Plate- $34.99


Silver Soup Bowl- $34.99

Clear 10″ Dinner Plate-$59.99

Clear 8″ Salad Plate-$44.99


Clear 7″ Dessert Plate- $34.99


Clear Soup Bowl- $34.99

White 10″ Dinner Plate-$59.99

White 8″ Salad Plate-$44.99


White7″ Dessert Plate- $34.99


White Soup Bowl- $34.99

Black 10″ Dinner Plate-$59.99

Black 8″ Salad Plate-$44.99


Black 7″Dessert Plate- $34.99


Black Soup Bowl- $34.99